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  1. Greetings, Samson here. This was a personal project that I undertook after learning that the display IDs for Legion’s Artifacts were on Epsilon. Having no way to search for them other than just changing a custom item’s display manually this took me well over 16 hours of work. Now some people who I mentioned this to said I should post it on the forums or on Builder’s Haven so others could benefit from my hard work. I agreed with them and here we are, I hope this is beneficial to others as much as it will be to me. Granted there are some appearances missing, I tried to find them, but they eluded me. If any of you reading this happen to find the ones, I am missing hit me up on Discord (my Discord username is red_recon) or you can leave a comment on the forum post, either works. I fell in love with making custom items for people after making a Blacksmith character and going out of my way to forge custom items for people. Sometimes I was commissioned IC or OOC and sometimes I made people custom weapons that suited their trp profile or transmog outfit without their knowledge, only to surprise them with the item after a quick whisper. I have received a lot of positive feedback in the past and still see some of my custom items in start. Anyway, to wrap this up here are the display IDs for the Legion artifacts. For any who still wants me to make something for their character be it IC or OOC just hit me up in game, character name is Samson Smithe.... P.S: There are some appearances that weren’t in legion that I included due to them being a recolor or a unique look. Artifact Weapon IDs.docx