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  1. WIP Megalomaniac pocket lesbian. Twinkle was a extraordinary student in the Gnomish magic academy. However, her "Creative methods" got her expelled. Now she's roaming around the world in search for forbidden knowledge to prove her potential. Her studies involve the fusion of machine and magic, known as Thaumaturgy. She's the type who would put goes in a jar, given the chance. She might also just aimlessly hang around... even with her drive she still acknowledges the importance of chill. Especially because she seems to be always frustrated about something. Doesn't help that she stumbles in her own vanity, refusing to wear anything but the longest capes and staves. Even if she does not admit it, being outside is a new thing for her.
  2. Bug


    Hey everyone! So I just got on the server, still trying to make connections. There's a few things to learn both lore and mechanic wise, but I hope it won't be that much of a bother. Usually I do loose RP-s anyway, adventure, romance, slice of life... I've been RP-ing for god knows how long, also fond of TTRPG-s. I do also draw stuff, mostly comic- cartoony things (Bug88 at deviant art). Oh right, I'm at GMT +2 (Hungary). Mostly looking for smaller but tighter communities. Feel free to poke me! Discord: [AG]Bug#2434