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    Gob Face

    Hi! You ever be building and you want to know the direction the object your working with is facing but don't want to have to be teleported all the way to that object while you're doing it? I'd like to suggest a command for .gob face (or something of the likes) that allows your character to face in the direction the object is facing without having to be teleported to the object you're working with which can be a pain if you're trying to stack objects or want to focus on the outside view of what you're building. Thanks for your consideration!
  2. Sorry, I know I might be the only one asking for this, but could we potentially have a red-eye glow customization? I can see this also being useful for dark ranger rpers if they don't want to use the dark ranger skin. Additionally, other chokers and stuff for jewelry, and the ability to apply the jewelry with other earring styles like you can in retail would be nice. (For example, one of my toons uses studs and the new shadow lands body jewelry). Thanks for considering<3