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  1. Hey, was wanting to check Epsilon out. Went through Connection Guide - I see torrent one is down, unfortunate but whatever, go to the .exe client... Has been about 12mins so far (My net is gigabit), and its done 12MB.. is it normal to be THIS slow? I mean its not 'slow', saying slow would be a compliment in this instance- its 1MB a minute.. It'd take 52 days of downloading to be playable assuming it keeps a sustainable speed 24/7 I see torrent has been down for a few months so assuming that won't be coming up anytime soon. Is there any alternative way to get the client? Edit - Grabbed Cloudflare WARP as recommended in the Discord, from 10mins to still being at 0%, to now being 100% after under 90 seconds. If you have issues, use Cloudflare WARP problem solved.