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  1. Hi there, It would be a valuable asset for builders who are interested in using gobject tint to have an addon, similar to Object Mover, for gobject tinting. It would ideally have three visual sliders that people can adjust, and then hit a button to apply to gobject. I say manual application as I am unsure if auto-updating as sliders are adjusted, similar to Object Mover's current setting, could potentially cause server lag. That would ultimately depend on whether or not tint application is tasking on the server, but that is not something I know of personally - so it would be at the recommendation of server staff for which approach to use. Further functionality could be seen in the form of: Saved color pallets. Gobject group tint button. Gobject opacity button. Gobject group opacity button. Of course, this recommendation comes in consideration of the reality of staff/addon-maker availability, as it is completely understandable that staff have been incredibly busy with preparing for 8.3. That being said, if an addon came out with this functionality, I am sure we would see an increase in use for gobject tints for players by making it more accessible, similar to the effect that Object Mover has had with rotation. Thank you for your time and consideration. I'm incredibly excited to see what builds come forth with the functionality implemented in 8.3. Best regards, Nynn.