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    I have arrived. Hi, my name is Alex (short for Aleksei), I'm from Russia. I'd like to see what this is all about. I've been meaning to check out a good WoW RP server for a long time, and I tried to do it on one of the Russian projects a long time ago, back when Cataclysm didn't even hit it's final patch, I think. It was a bit of a mess, because instead of doing some scenarios and storylines everywhere in Azeroth and Outland, people of all races and nations worldwide chose to participate in a challenge to become the most efficient grandmas in Stormwind and spent all of their time sitting on the benches around the fountain near the bank, while at the same time complaining that there isn't enough RP anywhere else. And, of course, when the benches became too warm for them, they gathered up some parties to ICC to cool off a bit. So this experience was a little bit sad for me, because before that I used to play on Gothic Multiplayer project (You know that classic RPG game from Pirahna Bytes? That one), and damn, it was still better than this. (Azarchius and staff, pls don't ban me, I'm not advertising, I swear). Some people chased after classes and better equipment and were bad at RP, sure, but there were events, individual and general storylines happening and developing all around your character, which was a lot more enjoyable and I'd like to believe that it made me a better storyteller in the end, even if it's just a little bit of improvement. I became one of the GM's there several times on various servers and was conducting and hosting some things for them as well, but the limited capacities of the technical side of the engine couldn't provide for a truly unique and memorable experience. And so I'm here now, and I'd like to meet you people. My skills are rusty and I've forgotten much, but at least I hope that my English writing skills will be enough for you guys to have a good time when I'm around. And sorry for the wall of text, I guess, I had no idea what to write here. Ofc, if you have any questions or anything to say, I'll gladly reply. See ya, bums. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Oh, by the way, I have no idea where to start. I've been looking through the forums there, and I saw some command guide which can be really helpful, and I also saw some guilds and such, so I need to check out a lot. I also saw one of the members post a very helpful message on one of the topics here in Krasus' Landing with the helpful links and whatnot, but I can't find it anymore. Would appreciate if you can give me some directions, Guards.