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  1. Hello, Though I may not be the first to recommend it, I would like to make this suggestion anyway. I believe a proper NPC gossip UI interface would not only be a great idea, but is honestly a must. The current gossip command is not at all intuitive and the need to understand the text coding of '$B' and '$B$B' for spacing is not fluid, nor was that information easily found. The command also does not work well with the existing addon that allows you to continue to type without worrying about the word cap. It constantly ends up cutting off the text one is trying to add and causes a mess. Seeing the new additions of epsilon specific UI with the Epsilon, Editor, ObjectMover and now Arcanum tabs, it is surely possible. Though it doesn't have to be anything so detailed as the Arcanum, something functional would be enough. Now I know some don't like to mention older servers, but one such server know as a 'Haven' did have a pretty good gossip feature. However this was browser based. So if that is an easier option compared to an in-game addon, that would absolutely be okay as well.