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  1. Hey, gracias vecino! Oh, got it; thank you for your advice, dude ?
  2. Hey y'all, I'm Cachucamaru, a dude from Brazil who got here through r/wowservers. I gotta say i was enthralled by the premise: A full RP server, in which everybody has GM powers and has their own Phase to play. That's... some pretty good stuff you guys got here. As for now, i don't know anyone yet, but that's something i hope to change as i explore the fantastic lands that the community has created! My main character is, well... "Cachucamaru"! A high-elf priest that was possessed by a Void Lord whilst researching void portals as a means of transportation that, different from the arcane portals that mages use, wouldn't rip the fabric of reality as it did on Outland. He entered one of them, as he usually did to see if it would work again and where in the Great Dark Beyond it would lead him, when - Surprise! - A Wild Void Lord appears! He unfortunately got too close to the void realms and a Void Lord, seeing this as an opportunity to get a free pass into reality, quickly merged with him, transforming him in a void elf in the proccess. However, the army of the Light found him and locked him up on the Xenedar with special bindings, to prevent the Void Lord from ever getting full control of his body. The Naaru and their army experimented with ways to destroy the Void Lord or bring him to the Light but, before they could do it, Cachucamaru escaped; the proccesses would involve wiping his mind to use as a blank slate and you can guess he didn't like that. His main goal is to unmerge with the Void Lord and get full control of himself again, and for that he uses his void portals in search of a cure. Who knows... he might even appear in your phase because of that! Of course, that's not the only character that i have, but i don't wanna lose too much time with it so let's just leave at that. That's it. As for now i don't yet know the propper RPing ettiquette, nor do i know any phases to join; if anyone is interested in making contact, i'm "Um Abacate" on the discord server (As for now, i haven't said anything yet but that's alright). Thaank you for your time!