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  1. Late reply due to very busy weekend but i redownloaded the client and it works as it should.
  2. Have have had a account since 2017 sometime, been logged on every now and then to check some armor sets, Did a semi clean of my C harddrive yesterday on random files and had to select a region when launching Epsilon. It was set to US realm though i changed that after a few tries to set it to the epsilon adress as it kept switching back, and than i was met with the error in my first post. It is allowed in the Windows Firewall with no result.
  3. Getting the above error when trying to log in, i have the "SET Portal "play.epsilonwow.net" in the config thing as it should be but when i enter the stuff to log in after opening i get "Could not log you in with entered", no matter what i type in username and password it says the same. What can i do to make it work?