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  1. hey there! im sans. despite the name, my pronouns are they/them (singular) and im agender. im a long time roleplayer! i started when i was nine but I’m 24 now. thats 15 years! not much of an indicator of skill, just means ive stuck around for a good while. im here for a good time and i hope a long one! I heavily enjoy writing and world building, and my favourite cartoon is the 2003 teen titans. I am not a fan of the remakes though. Conversely, I like the 2003(? I forget it’s been a while) tmnt And the 2008(?) and 2012-2013 remakes. The tmnt rise (2020?) looks really good too but I haven’t seen it yet. enough nerding out though lol i decided to check here after seeing a FB post and the great amount of creativity of a members creations. they were working on night elf satyrs last i checked. my guild leader is considering possibly joining this place and using it to make references for his locations in the world, but also possibly bring RP here. our guild is pretty sizeable as is but we’re always welcoming new friends. im just a regular member though and I can’t guarantee they’ll even move the specific guild over or if there’ll be activity or etc, but I thought I’d check it out anyway. we were considering RPH but the toxic userbase, extremely laggy and not-very-accessible downloading (as well as, well, the fact people would get banned for happening to be in the same guild as a ban evader even if you knew nothing about it, or shaky reasoning, etc... as a side note I was unbanned but it did leave me paranoid of joining any guild from that point.) and this instability turned us off in the end. we were wondering how stuff such as the download might be different here. thank you for reading and I’m happy to be here. this place seems quite chill.