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Interest Check - Dor'Thalas

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A Nightelven Runner approaches you and places a stroll in your hand, she quickly runs off disappearing into the distance in search of others to deliver to. Upon inspection you notice the scroll bears the seal of the Kaldorei people and looks to be important.

" An exhibition is underway to establish of a new home for the Kaldorei and Gilnean refugees of Teldrassil, We will not let this tragedy tear us apart instead we will rebuild and make our people stronger. For those seeking to join the exhibition, report to Caliene Lunabranch and you will travel to the encampment of Dor'Thalas. "



Couple of days ago it popped into my head to resettle the former residences of Teldrassil and build a new city for them, currently it is in the early stages for RP purposes and is a WIP.

I don't want to build too much of the phase only to learn no one wants to RP in it and have it end up being just another empty phase.

The phase is Nightelf & Gilnean and Alliance allied, no Horde toons are allowed. And you MUST be a Nightelf or Worgen char, if you have another Alliance toon you want to stop by and visit to look around that's fine but they can't live or set up a shop in the phase. 

Nightelf & Worgen classes that are allowed = Warrior,Hunter,Druid,Priest,Rogue,Mage & Monk.

NOT ALLOWED are Death Knights,Demon Hunters,Warlocks & any type of undead,demon,fel or tainted type custom char. I don't have anything against custom or non-playable classes it's just they wouldn't be welcomed because of them being undead and tained with fel essence.



During the War of the Thorns, in an attempt to strike a devastating blow to the Alliance, Sylvanas Windrunner and the Horde pushed through Ashenvale to lay siege to Teldrassil from the shores of Darkshore. After hearing word of Malfurion Stormrage's survival, she chose to cover Teldrassil in flame instead of capturing it, killing all those trapped civilians within that could not escape in time to the water or through portals to Stormwind City. After the burning, Teldrassil is largely uninhabited and Darnassus is destroyed.

With the great tree burned and devoid of life, the hope of restoring the tree with nature's blessing is futile with Ashenvale overtaken by the Horde the Kaldorei would be surrounded on all sides. With their home destroyed their only choice is to go off in search of a new home to make the people whole again rather than remaining in the crowded city of Stormwind. 

After months of searching for a new home a spark of renewed hope was discovered, An uninhabited grove with no signs of wildlife or plant growth were seen. Runners were dispatched by land, sea and air summoning those who wanted to reunite with their people and a place to call home again. 

Phase 1 : Druids were called to help shape the area and encourage plant growth to help attract wildlife to the valley while a small handful of Kaldorei & Gilnean's built an encampment.

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Anything night elf is definitively an interest for me, plus I've seen your amazing building so ^_^ im all in.

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