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The Azerothian Collective

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The Azerothian Collective is a new community-centered phase, where the ultimate goal is to have multiple communities house themselves and interact with other communities all in the same phase. See below for our advertisement! Also, if you have any questions, reply to this thread, or DM me on Discord @Lord Duskbane#6175.


[The Azerothian Collective] is a brand-new community phase, still a work-in-progress! We hope to become a community of a number of smaller groups, each with the opportunity to have their own build all housed in one phase. Set in pre-Shadowlands Azeroth, we are lore-abiding, with an aim to emulate the kind of community-building present in some corners of retail RP servers, but with all the wonderful immersion that Epsilon has to offer us.

We are looking for communities of all types to join The Azerothian Collective: noble houses, freeport cities, mining towns, inn and breakfasts, hunting lodges, you name it! (One such community currently a part of The Azerothian Collective is Oakdale, a noble estate situated high in the mountains of the Thalassian Range whose primary export is lumber.) Each community will be allotted any area of the phase they want to build on to their heart’s desire, so that every member of every community in The Collective can travel freely between community builds (and indeed, so can visitors to our phase!).

We are also looking for individuals: guild leaders, builders, DMs, even townspeople! We want The Azerothian Collective to become saturated with individuals whose ideas range from the simple life to making world-altering decisions. (There may even be an opportunity for player housing! Gasp!)


Interested? Feel free to click on the link below to join our Discord! There’s opportunity abound for everyone, whether you’re just wanting to engage in roleplay, looking for a place that your character can call home or a place where your own community can spread its influence!


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The Azerothian Collective [30564] is now open to the public! Our first build, Oakdale, is available for Public RP, as are positions within the groups that are associated with it! More builds are in the works, as well as some player housing. Come be a part of a budding community phase!

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