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Azeroth Choppers [Preparation]

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<You enter a tavern, or literally see a wall, with a poster. You read it.>

Hello, Azeroth!


The Fourth war is over (Set between the end of the 4th war and sylvanas going screech.), and now we Azerothians are preparing to a new era of peace. For that The Alliance & The Horde, decided to very first Azeroth Choppers compitition. This is a racing compition with bikes, a chance to release some negative energy with a sporty approach. We welcome engineers, and drivers to join our competition, and of course we will allow spectators to get the tickets soon. The race is split into a three days game with two teammates, the winning team gets 2,000 gold, split half. No matter who you are, a former criminal, The field marshal, a farmer. You are all welcome, and able to earn the prize.


The Regulations:

-Any form of undeclared tuning is not allowed (AKA cheating overall)

-The team has to contain two drivers, and can represent any faction or themselves.

-Engineers can work independent and are the ones to repair a chopper incase it gets any mechanical failure, and they are to discuss the cut and the price of service outside the competition.

-Getting outside the track, to gain an advantage over people is not allowed, There are shortcuts and you can use them.

-Bikes are given by the hosting company, usage of personal bikes is not allowed, however attachements are allowed, and must be submitted.

-All riders have to under-go a training day, and a qualification. Else they will be excluded from the competition.

Head to the recruitement Quarter in your capital city or dalaran, to join. (Entry Fee for riders: 1 Gold 50 Silvers)






Players will get to experience racing how it was never done before, and since it was actually never done before in an RP, there is a way to do it.

The event will start 16 days from this announcement,  and by the event I mean the three races. The majority off it, will be getting people involved and training them.

We need 8 drivers, if 10/12/14 comes it's actually bettter, and the event is subject to delays and advances accordingly. Everything will be announced on discord.

Maths start here. Most of this you can understand during practice.

The drivers will have a three day period before the race too; to upgrade their bikes. Generally, a biker would start at 2.0 speed as default, the more upgrades the more 0.x is added. Meaning you start as 2.0 and your bike is upgraded using some points you earn. The better you do as a racer, and the more active the more 0.x you earn. You may reach up to 2.9. Meaning if you don't do anything, you'll do ".mod speed 2.0" and drive.

There is also Wheel state, which is also an added bonus to the speed. Bonus speed. Remember that 0.x? The more you have is coounted as bonus speed. There are three forms you can drive as.

Conservative (Slow): +0.5 and your tyres wear slowly. (1/7 Each minute)

Normal: +0.9 and your tyres wear at an average rate. (3/7 Each minute)

Agressive: +1.3 and your tyres wear at a very fast rate. (5/7 Each minute)

Reaching 0/5 meaning that your racing speed becomes 2.0

That being said, racers gain occasional boosts during the race, by rolling d20. The top 3, get a specific bonus. Player can choose not to roll, obviously.


If something is unclear, DM me on discord, or reply to forums. Note: This post is subject to edits.

Discord: Eternity#9490 // https://discord.gg/XWykJs2Gqd

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Posted (edited)

Hi there! I absolutely adore the idea and would like to participate, but I've got a couple of questions, mostly in regards to the running of the event.

  • If I'm reading it correctly, the event starts on 15/8, but what time exactly? I could only really do evenings (going by server time).
  • You mention recruitment is done in capitals or Dalaran. Will this be a separate thing done IC in the run up to the main event?
    • As an addendum to the above, should race teams be made in advance, or will they be decided before the racing begins?
  • Where will the races take place?
  • Mechanical failures are implied to be a feature, how are they implemented? Subsequently, how will repairs be carried out?

I think that's everything. I've done motorsport events in WoW before and I'm super excited to see one here on Epsilon. Hope to hear more soon!


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