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Kinesis - Sandbox Flight & Shift-Sprint AddOn

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(kinesis - latin, greek: to move, motion, movement)


Kinesis brings two common features from Sandbox & RPG games: 'Creative Mode' style flight toggle controls (i.e., Minecraft style double-jump to fly), and Shift-Sprinting.

Kinesis is your one-stop shop for all things movement! Customise your sprint, fly and swim speeds! Append spells and arcanums to your sprint or flight! Quickly toggle sprint by hitting shift like all of your favourite RPGs, and toggle flight like you're playing in a true creative mode. All this and more, quickly and all with keybinds - instead of filling your macro slots.


1000361521752309800.png.9bbd752555c09f8b187e5792358a39e6.pngShift to Sprint!

  • Ditch the macros & stop typing '.mod speed'! Tap or Hold SHIFT to start sprinting!
  • Customize your Sprint to anything from a simple run, to an ominous hover, complete with Aura & Arcanum functionality.
  • Set your speeds for ground, flight and swim separately, & switch between hold and toggle options!

TL;DR: Tap or Hold SHIFT to start sprinting! Use '/kn' to configure Sprint Speeds & Spells!


1000361521752309800.png.31fbe3a9d6c82f32740d9653ff502f0d.png Hit that Spacebar, let's fly!

  • Double or triple Jump to enable/disable fly mode, also complete with Aura/Arcanum functionality!
  • Complete with auto-land to disable flying, you can customize how long it takes before auto-land takes effect - or disable it entirely!
  • Customize how fast your double/triple jumps will need to connect to enable/disable flight.

TL;DR: Double/Triple Jump to Fly, Double Jump again to land! Use '/kn' to configure Flight Toggle customization options & Spells!


You can toggle spells when you start flying and/or start sprinting, and then toggle them again when you stop; these can be default spells, or an Arcanum Spell! And integration goes both ways: Arcanum also includes loads of Kinesis actions to allow you to make adjustments on the fly* (for example: A Dragonform spell that also changes your Flight & Sprint spells to include different spells than your humanoid [elf.. it's an elf, let's be real] form)!

We also included lots of options to change how the controls work and function to make sure it felt comfortable to everyone! You can also toggle it completely off if you really hate it!

There's no Mini-Map button or other intrusive UI added to your game; access all settings either in the Interface -> AddOns section of your Game Menu, or using "/kinesis" or "/kn" in chat.


If you experience any issues, have any feedback or suggestions, or anything else, please reply below, or feel free to reach out on Discord to @mindscape

Preview of Kinesis in Action (Thanks to 'T'!)



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