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  1. Yes - we will update either the torrent, or connection guide to note this going forward
  2. The command list can be quite daunting and unfriendly to first time players - totally understandable. I'll see about bringing it up with the team on some more ideas to bring better information to new players. For the quick on your example: We don't really use the actual transmog system here, you just wear the items that you want - so if you have the item IDs, you can use ".add #ID" to add the item to your inventory, and then equip it. There should be no restrictions on items either, so you can equip/wear anything you want. For now, if you do have any questions on how to do things, or for more information, the best bet is to ask in #game-support on the Discord.
  3. This issue was fixed quickly in our launcher, please grab a new version of the launcher from https://media.epsilonwow.net/files/Epsilon.exe The launcher version distributed with the torrent has this issue, and unfortunately since it impacts the update process, is unable to actually update itself to the version that doesn't have the issue.
  4. Updated v6.1.0 (March 21, 2021) Refactored to use new UnitPopupMenu dynamic creation style Removed "ConvenientCommands" section and inserted "QuickPhase" section just above 'Other Options' instead. Fixed Spaced Name Whispering Removed "ConvenientCommands" branding https://github.com/MindScape00/QuickPhase/archive/refs/tags/v6.1.0.zip
  5. Updated to v5.0.0 (March 21, 2021) Refactored to use new UnitPopupMenu dynamic creation style Removed "ConvenientCommands" section and inserted just above 'interact' instead. Removed "ConvenientCommands" branding https://github.com/MindScape00/QuickApp/archive/refs/tags/v5.0.0.zip
  6. Chat History (Persistent Chat) Intro This addon keeps a local history of your chat and then restores it every time you login, so you don't miss out on the last thing said, and don't have to fumble thru another addon menu to find it. It will store the last 500 messages received. The report is printed upon login, so you can scroll up and see what you missed, or what was said. For example: You are mid RP and the server disconnects, or you need to quickly relog - when you log back in, the last 500 lines in your chatbox will be restored. Example: Chats with the 'Note' icon and above the '---- Last message receives ----' are from before relogging, those after are from the current session. Download https://github.com/MindScape00/ChatHistory/archive/ChatHistory-r1.zip Installation Drag the "ChatHistory" folder to your Epsilon/_retail_/Interface/Addons/ folder. Launch the game, and login. In bottom left of Character Select, click "Addons" and then ensure Chat History is enabled. There is no config or commands, it runs automatically. Credits & Permissions This addon is originally created by Vladinator from WoW Interface and all credits go to them for the original addon; this is merely a fork to update it to 8.3 and gear it towards Epsilon. Original Addon: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info20287-ChatHistory.html
  7. You can disable the spells in-game using the options menu for the addon. Use /cb command to open the options menu. Change the spell to 0 to disable that but still allow typing indicator to be used.
  8. circular things would be heavy for your client in mass as tiles are often used. Blizzard does well with "circles" by making them more like a hexadecagon and trying to mask it with other shapes & textures. Again, I'm not a model dev, so not sure what I can do but I'll see if I can't pass the ideas onto the team 🙂
  9. Half-Tiles would be really great. There's a lot of different 'tile' building items I'd love to make if I remembered how these days lol (Half-tiles, stair-tiles, ramp-tiles). In terms of the triangle half-tile, would it be reasonable to just have one side as, i.e., the bottom-right of the texture, and the other side the top-left?
  10. Water puddles would likely be able to be done pretty easily, since it would be representing a liquid just the same as blood. For paths/roads, I think there's an issue with how the texture is stretched that's proving to be a roadblock to making these happen.
  11. From what I recall, WMO's in general aren't rendered when outside your view, but M2's always are, and it's something that's not just a simple change in the client that can be made without altering the actual render pipeline, which would, likely, require the source-code for the client and recompiling it.
  12. Updated to v2.2.0 https://bit.ly/chatbub220
  13. When it fails, does it work after a server restart?