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  1. You can disable the spells in-game using the options menu for the addon. Use /cb command to open the options menu. Change the spell to 0 to disable that but still allow typing indicator to be used.
  2. circular things would be heavy for your client in mass as tiles are often used. Blizzard does well with "circles" by making them more like a hexadecagon and trying to mask it with other shapes & textures. Again, I'm not a model dev, so not sure what I can do but I'll see if I can't pass the ideas onto the team 🙂
  3. Half-Tiles would be really great. There's a lot of different 'tile' building items I'd love to make if I remembered how these days lol (Half-tiles, stair-tiles, ramp-tiles). In terms of the triangle half-tile, would it be reasonable to just have one side as, i.e., the bottom-right of the texture, and the other side the top-left?
  4. Water puddles would likely be able to be done pretty easily, since it would be representing a liquid just the same as blood. For paths/roads, I think there's an issue with how the texture is stretched that's proving to be a roadblock to making these happen.
  5. From what I recall, WMO's in general aren't rendered when outside your view, but M2's always are, and it's something that's not just a simple change in the client that can be made without altering the actual render pipeline, which would, likely, require the source-code for the client and recompiling it.
  6. When it fails, does it work after a server restart?
  7. no but I can add that. Control key modifier fine? Also aura on self only?
  8. Actually, if you check their sticky post on the top from the mods, they aren't supposed to be removing server ads. They don't actually have a rule for it, it's just that some members there don't like it. I think you can only do it directly in that post tho now, as a comment, instead of a whole separate own post. https://www.reddit.com/r/WoWRolePlay/comments/azs7io/advertize_your_serverguild_here/
  9. Added a new addon, ObjectMeasure - it's brand new, only available on this page. Too lazy to make it it's own topic.
  10. You can edit the files to change the command easily. Just use Notepad++ and then replace all "phase play" to "phase music" and good to go
  11. I'm unsure exactly what your problem is, as clicking Up or Down or any button for myself doesn't block you using commands after at all.
  12. They're being worked on to re-integrate into the server patch. New character model file format changes in the latest patches have made it harder to reintroduce them quickly and without causing problems later.