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  1. Here's how to convert Warcraft to grimdark 40k setting. Alliance losses amounted to nearly 50,000 dead Multiple this number by ~100, so follow this equation. 0/3 How many Stormwind Guardsmen died during the War against the Lich King? 50,000 dead times X = grimdark Stormwind Guard (Imperial Guard) casualties. X = ~100 50,000 dead times ~100 = 5,000,000 = 5,000,000 Stormwind Guard deaths. Answer Check Answer is: ✔, 2/3 marks scored for completing two step equation format properly. 1/3 lost for answer off target. 14 million Stormwind Guardsmen and hundreds of Alliance Paladins were lost during the campaign in Northrend.
  2. This is going to be rather long, so I put it in a spoiler for you all. Generally: I'm trying to get a message across to you players that war is constant and you should apply a tinge of the world's thinking and conflict to your character.