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  1. DOWNLOAD LINK Install: Simply drop the contentso of the zip file (the folder is called character) into your Epsilon directory and restart the game. A couple of people have asked me for this stuff since I posted screenshots. This patch edits the Nightborne male model, giving them unique split robes, allowing for wearing 3D collections beneath them. It also comes with a replacement for Nightborne male hairstlye 2 and a couple of changes to the hair colors, most importantly fixing the broke dark black hairstyle. I also removed the eyeglow from them because I don't like it. Note: I'm likely not going to be updating this patch, and I'm probably not gonna piece it up into individual patches unless there is a high demand for it. It's just something I did on the side and people happened to want it. Screenshots: Edited Hairstyle (Replaces NB male hairstyle 2 - the balding one) Split Robes Edited Hair Color (Replaces NB Hair Color 2 - one of the MANY white variants)
  2. Hey blokes! Updated the patch. Boots now works as well as hairstyles. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dwsu2ra3dsm8675/Zandalari_Updated.7z/file If something else is borked, lemme know.
  3. I'll admit. Colors on my Nozdormu were afterthoughts. I was mainly focused on getting the armor to work. I know silly amounts about color theory but I somehow didn't think to apply it when modding.
  4. This is why nobody likes you. Either way. Thanks for the vaulable feedback, everybody else who commented. Especially Ashery. ^-^
  5. Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest in a guild of this type, I will be putting the project on hold so I can pursue other ideas I had. I hope they catch on a little better than this. As an extension of this decision, no further applications to Internus Necri will be reviewed for the time being.
  6. Introduction What is Internus? Internus is a Death Knight guild much different from my past projects. Unlike the Ebon Highguard, the focus here is to gather a small pool of like-minded players who enjoy a more leisurely and slower-paced roleplay style. My goal is to create a guild for roleplayers in the intermediate to the advanced category. While I do welcome people who are new to the Warcraft setting, a history of roleplay in another medium is required. Some of the other requirements include a level of emotional maturity, basic communication skills, proper use of English grammar, and a rudimentary understanding of Warcraft lore. Note: this is not a guild for people who just want to get their quick RP fix. The goal here is to create a friendly, tightly-knit community that will last. I'm sure many of us grow tired of the idea that when somebody makes a guild, it's not going to be here longer than a couple of weeks. I'm trying to prevent that with this concept. So, while I understand the player pool might be small, keep in mind it will be mostly comprised of people with the same interest in roleplay as you. How do I apply? Internus has an application process that can be found HERE. However, before you apply, it is highly advised you read the rules HERE and the lore section in the paragraph below. This is not because I'd be pedantic about rules or required you know everything about the guild, but because I want you to have a good idea of what you are signing up for. I know there are some concerns about applications and about how they can have the potential to be quite boring, but it truly is the best way to determine how a person will conduct themselves in roleplay. Besides, the more I get to know you first, the better. Okay, ugh... Applications. But what about the lore? When thinking about Internus, I had trouble finding a concept that would alienate the least amount of Death Knight roleplayers. I know there is a lot of people in the community with some awesome characters and concepts that wouldn't find a place in a very specific setting. This is why I decided to make Internus a very broad guild, where a large selection of DKs can find their own little corner. The idea here is that Internus, aptly named, is a group within the Ebon Blade focused on internal affairs. Be it hunting down renegade Death Knights,* Necromancers, or even Liches. In short, the goal is to eliminate anything and everything that'd be a threat to the integrity of the Ebon Blade and its co-existence with the races of Azeroth. This means that whether your character is specialized in constructing golems of flesh, or perhaps a skilled apothecary, maybe even an ordinary knight, there should be a place for you in Internus. *By renegade, I do not mean the awfully-terrible RP definition. Rather, in our case, a renegade Death Knight is one who intentionally causes harm to the living, the Scourge, or the Ebon Blade. A renegade DK is not somebody who left the Ebon Blade, nor somebody who is not a member of the guild. It's simply a term we use to describe Death Knights with malicious intentions that operate outside of the Scourge or Ebon Blade framework. What about the Timeline? Internus is set in the timeline concurrent with retail. However, this guild is going to be mostly an isolated environment and unless there are any world-changing events going on right now which would require the guild's immediate attention, we are not going to be involved in the happenings on Zandalar, Kul Tiras, or any other future patch content. This doesn't mean you cannot include these events in your character's backstory or reference them in-character, it simply means that we are never going to personally explore them as the focus of our guild remains the affairs of undead and undead-related incidents. Can I join on a human, an orc? Is this a neutral guild? In short, yes. The guild is indeed operating on neutral grounds, away from faction conflict. You can apply any of the races who can canonically become Death Knights out of the playable races selection. Other races, meaning ones that are not the traditional player races, are also allowed if their backstory sufficiently explains how they became a Death Knight. This excludes races who either do not have the sufficient intelligence or reason to become members of the Ebon Blade. Sorry to that one Naga or Furbolg Death Knight out there. I'm sure you can find another guild who is willing to take you in. In a similar fashion, we do not accept races that are canonically members of the Scourge but not the Ebon Blade. Nerubians, Frost Wyrms, and Val'kyr are not currently playable and aren't going to be in the foreseeable future. However, abominations, ghouls, gesits, and all other undead aberrations are welcome. What combat system do you use? I am a big fan of simplicity. I've experimented with complex roll systems in the past, and while they can be fun, they do make the events a lot slower and I'm not able to fully focus on telling a good story and responding to player emotes. That's why Internus is going to use a simple turn-based emote system with a GM explaining the consequences of a character's actions. Those of you who took part in the Ebon Highguard should be familiar with this way of DMing. In case you don't know how this works, let me illustrate with an example. Player 1 emotes -> GM responds -> Player 2 emotes -> GM responds.... Player 1 emotes again. There are some good tips I can give you when it comes to this roleplay model. First, it's a good idea to write your emotes in advance when it comes to combat, and simply post when it's your turn. This minimalizes the downtime between each player's turn and makes the event flow much faster. Another good idea is to keep track of the turn order. In case you don't know if it's your turn, you can always check the markers. If there is a marker above your head, it means that it's your time to post. If you are unsure how many people come before you, you can keep in mind that the turn order is alphabetical. Finally, you should always use raid chat to communicate your emotes to the GM. Seriously, it makes my job 10x easier. Within the confines of this system, talking is considered a free action, meaning you can talk outside of the turn order. However, some common sense should be applied. Your character is not going to chatter about his lunch when he's in the middle of a battle with cold-blooded demons. Do you intend to collaborate with other phases/guilds? As it stands right now? No. I had some bad experiences with collaboration, and most guilds will never mesh well enough to create a good story. Internus is going to be mostly self-contained with its own lore, phases, and events. That doesn't mean I am not open to the idea of small crossovers with other guilds, maybe an event or two, but no large-scale collaboration will ever be taking place. If you like roleplay that spans more than one guild and features a strong PvP conflict, I suggest you look elsewhere as Internus is much more focused on its own story and the players' characters. Given the small pool I intend to work with, Internus will have a lot of room for character growth and personal engagement in the story. Is the guild looking for an officer or a moderator? While those ranks are part of my structure, I am currently looking for neither a moderator nor officers. If the guild grows, I'll be happy to post an application process for those positions here. If you are ever interested in them once they are available, it is best to understand their responsibilities first. An officer is somebody who, alongside me and other officers, helps run the guild. The officers and GM prepare the events together, write the NPC characters and review player applications. Meanwhile, the moderator keeps close tabs on our discord channels, guild chat, and the way a guild member conducts themselves in public. It's the moderator's job to step in should a player act against the rules of our guild and to decide proper repercussions. The moderator and officers have different administrative roles, but hold the same rank within the hierarchy. Both can add, kick, ban, or silence members. Otherwise, all members hold the same rank. Even though their in-character positions might differ, they are all on equal footing out of character. If there are any other questions about Internus you'd like to ask, feel free to comment on this thread and I should get to your question. I also do accept comments or criticism so long as the criticism is constructive and helps me understand your perception of the guild. Baseless hate will be ignored.
  7. There is no deep red/crimson Dreadlord like this in the files. The closest you can get to that one is with texture editing.
  8. Seems humans are next on the list. Thank you all for the support and for bothering to click the poll.
  9. Patch Notes Created to supplement my other Eredar patch, this standalone mod will allow you to have those fancy Kil'jaeden horns on your male Draenei in the form of three helmets. For now, the patch works only for the aforementioned male Draenei, but I would be willing to do other races. (Excluding both Night Elves and Blood Elves, who already have a selection of horns from the Demon Hunter customization.) - To decide on the next race, I made a poll so people would get what they want. Link to poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/15323774 - Eredar Horns for Male Draenei *Purple, White and Brown versions - Works only for Draenei males (for now) - Replaces WoD LFR Cloth helmets - This patch is not WIP. But if you encounter any problems, please, let me know. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d13ulxmgh7tl7m7/EredarHorns.zip Item IDs: 226573 - White Horns 226571 - Purple Horns 226569 - Brown Horns Screenshots:
  10. Sounds dope man. Hmu when you're done.
  11. Patch Notes This patch contains a model edit for human males with which you will be able to get very close to Khadgar's WoD look. It includes recolors for all the human kingdoms and a robe part which mimics his robes in WoD. For now, it does not have the actual bottom 3D piece due to problems with weight painting it and modeling it onto the human male model, which is probably too fat to fit them on in any reasonable manner anyways. It also works only for the aforementioned model, however, I do intend on making a female version as well. To install the patch, simply drop the folder called "item" into your WoW directory. If you want to delete the patch, just remove it. Screenshots in spoilers. Enjoy the patch. - Khadgar's WoD chestpiece *Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black version - Khadgar-themed Robes *Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black version - Works only for human males (for now) - Replaces Warrior T19 and all its recolors - This patch is still WIP. If you encounter any problems, please, let me know. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/an1vbo9u8112gyb/KhadgarPatch.zip Item IDs: 138351 - Chest (Normal - Blue, Heroic - Green, Mythic - Red, LFR - Purple) 135671 - Chest (Brown) 136123 - Chest (Black) 179924 - Robe (Blue) 179871 - Robe (Red) 180237 - Robe (Black) 180223 - Robe (Brown) 200931 - Robe (Green) 200925 - Robe (Purple) Screenshots:
  12. Zug zug, for the Horde. - Nightborne

  13. cool pork. might make a blackcock as well.