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  1. Updated once more V6! please install with the launcher now!
  2. Another update! up to version 5! Learnt some new tricks so made some crystal dryads, fixed dryad hair and male centaur hair so they have the locks they deserve! Spoiler because large images.
  3. A patch I put together for Dryads, Centaur and Nymphs You can find them in this phase as well: 132930 Follow to the Eonar tree Current Version 6 Patch here Updated 4/11/2023 Install with the Launcher. Things I did : Added Keepers: -They have animations like the centaur! Dryads: -Dryads no longer look dead inside and they have brushed their fur. -Nightmare Variant of Dryad -They have brushed their hair and taken out a bulk of leaves, now with a more classic dryad look. -Crystal dryads, these lot give off vibes that they can be either gender they're beautiful. Centaur: -Causal look less like they're off for a mega battle more like you can have a chat or go hutting! -ANIMATIONS! They sit! -Males now have brushed their hair it suits who they are based off of. Nymphs: Completely new model! now a dryad cousin with a cute little ponylike tail and heaps of accessories. they're very fashionable! Photo time! Spoiler for large images