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  1. Fixed the link
  2. Babywolf

    Dream Panda

    Fixed it
  3. Babywolf


    Fixed, discord broke a bunch of links
  4. Babywolf

    Spring Dress

    Update, guys can wear them properly now too same dress
  5. Babywolf

    Spring Casual

    Spring casual suits to go with the dresses! Replaces Valentines_a_02 variants though the yellow is on cloth_a_08yellow (shirt) and cloth_horde_b_02brown_pant (pants) Please install with the launcher: Casual Spring cloth_a_08yellow and cloth_horde_b_02brown_pant Purple Default/red Blue
  6. Babywolf

    Spring Dress

    Just a texture replace and downport of a very pretty dress from df's game files. Replaces robe_b_06 (Teal, red, olive and purple) Hope you enjoy and please install with the launcher. Spring dress Update Guys get them too! Purple (was pinkish) Olive Red (even blizzards one is orange) Teal
  7. Babywolf


    just do .lo display creature owl They should come up.
  8. Babywolf


    Owls from Df down ported only with an edit so they look like normal owls, replacing the Owl.m2 they can walk, run sit and fly all super cute! Install with the launcher. DL: Owls Edit fixed link
  9. A Fun lil wing patch I made using the druid shoulders wit the wings, getting rid of the shoulder portion leaving the wings, moved and scaled so they look more like wings. May work on other models better then some. Install with the launcher please. DL: Druidwings
  10. Babywolf

    Dream Panda

    A red panda replacer replacing Redpanda.m2 Super cute, they are like the ones in the emerald dream only they don't have the horns to go with making them more useable outside. Install with the launcher please. DL: DreamPanda
  11. Babywolf

    Dream Deer

    Dream deer patch, a rather small patch replacing the stag.m2 Did my best to represent the original colours ❤️ install with the launcher. DL: DreamDeer
  12. Beautiful moth replacer with the underlight moths in DF, they also have a lil land/sit anim. Replaces Moth.m2 Install with the launcher. DL: GlitterMoth
  13. Babywolf

    Doggo's Arfus

    Cute dog patch replacing the aussiepup.m2 Since they didn't have any animations so I figured it would be a good replacer. DL: Doggos install with the launcher.
  14. Babywolf

    Basic mouse

    Just a lil mouse patch, replacing the rat2.m2 They are a little larger because blizzard is a bit weird with their critters. Please install with the launcher: DL BasicMouse cute lil picture
  15. Updated once more V6! please install with the launcher now!