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Found 5 results

  1. So the other day I was browsing through the internet, just scrolling through google images as I do when I stumbled across a few pieces of elf fan art. The following are concepts I and I think many others would live to see made patched. Exibit A: Black Elves https://imgur.com/a/enRAnPt https://imgur.com/a/XXhSftX These days it seems we all hate white people, so what better way to express our hate than by giving the single whitest race the option for a darker skin tone. Exibit B: Tattoo’dorei https://imgur.com/a/flPIzIr https://imgur.com/a/lIcVVwn https://imgur.com/a/TDUL4Bn I think a lot of people would enjoy dawning the fancy blue markings of a true high elf just like Alleria does. My suggestion is you would replace the textures for the old Burning Crusade demon hunter tattoo shirts (Since nobody uses these anymore) with high elf style tattoos. (A blood elf option would also be nice.) Then again I don’t know how you patch makers make this stuff work. Exibit 😄 Elven Face Markings https://imgur.com/a/6BF1kFE I know you saw a little of this in Exibit B but I think these should be separate, maybe you could connect these to the piercings tab in the character customization screen? Exibit 😧 Void Elf Improvements https://imgur.com/a/lLE9l8j When Blizzard released void elves I was... Unsatisfied, I believe a change in appearance as shown in the picture above would give them a little pizazz. All of these are but suggestions, but to see these photos used as inspiration for an awesome texture edit would be a welcomed addition to any elf player’s arsenal.
  2. Hello, Happy holidays, this is a small collection of some patch-related things I've done over the past 2-3 months. Most of them are model ports from the World of Warcraft 8.3 PTR as a result of experimenting with ways to modify the models. Installation 1. Open .zip archive and navigate to XmasGoodies folder. 2. Highlight the following folders: Character, creature, item, world. 3. Drag and drop into main Epsilon directory. Contains the following 8.3 ports character\human male and female eternal vestments for human males: [MogIt:957J;lEKE;CrkH;u32C;pQTC;4QcO;4Sav:10:0] character\nightelf male and female Aetherserpent mount replaces world\goober\g_eggspider.m2 displayID 23058 anniversary deathwing mount replaces creature\saber3mount\Saber3Mount.m2 displayID 90159 sylveriandreamer mount replaces creature\arcanevoidwraith\arcanevoidwraith_low.m2 displayID 70234 stormdragonvoid mount replaces world\expansion06\doodads\artifact\doodad_staff_2h_artifactheartofkure_d_05.m2 displayID 71441 vulpera mount replaces world\expansion07\doodads\animation\8anim_template_wheelbarrowmedium01.m2 78470 vulpera heritage collection: [MogIt:lE5N;yeR4;hssI;pQzp;4Rld:j0:0] lich thing replaces world\goober\ghosttrap.m2 displayID 57011 Known issues: Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in-game. Solution: mod native then demorph. Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in character creation. Solution: swap between DK class and any other class, and eyeglow should display correctly. Nightborne fingers glitch out when holding weapon. Fixed. Download
  3. mavvo


    not quite the rainbow, but almost there. quality of life patch. does not replace natural textures, or any textures from building. it replaces solid colors, as well as the unfinished tile included in the waycrest set. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CLIENT. image: https://imgur.com/DJDu6of HOW TO DOWNLOAD. 1. click download link, then hit the blue download button 2. extract zip file using winrar or other similar program 3. drop "dungeons" and "tileset" into directory 4. launch game LINK: https://tinyurl.com/RAINCREST like rate subscribe
  4. mavvo


    WARFRONT TEXTURES. essentially a quality of life patch. replaces existing ground textures. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CLIENT. images: https://imgur.com/a/4XPHEo0 HOW TO DOWNLOAD. 1. click download link, then hit the blue download button 2. extract zip file using winrar or other similar program 3. drop "tileset" into directory and delete those jpg images (unless you want em or whatever) 4. launch game - by any stroke of unluck, and you have problems, my discord is Mav n' Cheese#9696 dont hesitate. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/HDWARFRONT i havent replaced the detail doodads. (tbh it doesnt look too bad without but..)i have the files and textures if you want to do the replacing yourself. ill admit i keep doing it wrong. someday there will be a detail god. its 4am as of writing this. screw u blizz
  5. The concept in mind is simple, the last 5 Pandaren fur color to be turned into a one tone, no other body marks, meaning only exceptions would have the face patterns, if it is possible. The skins requested are as follows : 09 - All Black 10 - All Red 11 - All Gray 12 - All Brown 13 - Albino 14 - Light Brown The last skins 13 and 14 can keep the tails. I would be deeply grateful if it's possible to be made! Thank you for reading. - Highlander