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Found 25 results

  1. Babywolf

    Dream Panda

    A red panda replacer replacing Redpanda.m2 Super cute, they are like the ones in the emerald dream only they don't have the horns to go with making them more useable outside. Install with the launcher please. DL: DreamPanda
  2. This patch contains two different retextures of the red-eyed dark ranger skin for blood elves, with the option to have underwear and the option to not. I recommend using the option without underwear if your character uses any of the demon hunter tattoos. Inside the first ZIP folder you will find four ZIP folders, each with a unique skin attached and named respectively. Those are the folders that you want to insert into the client. You can only have one applied at a time, since they all replace the same texture file. The retextures include changes to the skin itself, face, jewelry, eyes, and underwear. Enjoy! Vampyr + Dark Ranger Skins.zip
  3. Babywolf

    Dream Deer

    Dream deer patch, a rather small patch replacing the stag.m2 Did my best to represent the original colours ❤️ install with the launcher. DL: DreamDeer
  4. Beautiful moth replacer with the underlight moths in DF, they also have a lil land/sit anim. Replaces Moth.m2 Install with the launcher. DL: GlitterMoth
  5. Babywolf

    Basic mouse

    Just a lil mouse patch, replacing the rat2.m2 They are a little larger because blizzard is a bit weird with their critters. Please install with the launcher: DL BasicMouse cute lil picture
  6. I'm pretty new at the patching process, having started both for personal use and to help out with a guild patch. In my first attempt at trying to port some retail stuff into WoW, I decided to downport the pretty cool witch hunter rifles from the DF trading post to Epsilon. I figured I might as well release this patch since I can see some people having use for it, hope you enjoy! This patch replaces the Ny'alotha rifles (firearm_2h_nzothraid_d_01) with the Witch Hunter rifles, consisting of five reskins. Click here to see pictures of the rifles. WitchHunterRifles.zip
  7. Hello there! I would love to create a patch that make a flat chested draenei model possible. Does anyone have any pointer how to do that? I know how to use blender, wmv and all that but I'm not sure how to get the model and how to get it into Epsilon ? Thank you!
  8. The concept in mind is simple, the last 5 Pandaren fur color to be turned into a one tone, no other body marks, meaning only exceptions would have the face patterns, if it is possible. The skins requested are as follows : 09 - All Black 10 - All Red 11 - All Gray 12 - All Brown 13 - Albino 14 - Light Brown The last skins 13 and 14 can keep the tails. I would be deeply grateful if it's possible to be made! Thank you for reading. - Highlander
  9. Hello hello! I've decided to publically post a small patch of mine which I've worked on. As someone who loves undead creatures and elves, I figured I'd make my own edit of the red eyes for Darkfallen elves, to a more detailed look from their simple plain red eyes. It's only a small edit, but I imported and altered the eye texture to be that of Sylvanas' eyes in Shadowlands. Example pictures, for those interested; Preview Another edit for more gothic face textures might come in the future, but for now, I'll leave it at the eyes. I hope those interested enjoy the edit! ་ ، ˖ ࣪ ☽ DarkfallenEyes.rar
  10. Download Link https://mega.nz/folder/VQtGlSpS#rqHBEmCkesEBhk5xDUOytg Info Replaces two of the Nightborne child textures to make them appear as generic Night Elf, and Blood Elf/High Elf children instead. The Blood Elf/High Elf children don't have green eyes mainly so that they can be used interchangeably for Alliance and Horde elves, I guess. Before you ask why I would make this go ahead and look at the existing Blood Elf kid models, they're grotesque and I hate them. Known Issues/Bugs: There's an odd reddish glow on the male Blood Elf children's eyes, leftover from whatever makes the Nightborne eyes glow. I don't know how to remove this, but if you do and it pisses you off feel free to contact me. ID List: Blood Elf Boy - 69605 Blood Elf Girl - 69608 Night Elf Boy - 69606 Night Elf Girl - 69609 Screenshots:
  11. Both patches done by Voyagercreates. Link to his website ---> https://voyagercreates.carrd.co/ Incubus patch 2.0. Introduces Incubi models. Also adds wingederedar animations. Includes talk anim, combat, wing animations, hover, tail gravity physics, etc. This is a standalone to his first Incubus patch so you can remove the previous version when downloading this one. DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SNzy94CW_mv7ozHJiBP3RLT-iGwiDRXV/view?usp=sharing Morph 71592, hovering morph 71593, landing from jump Succubus Elf bloodelf female DK skin replacer. Replaces 3 DK skins on belf females with custom red colours. Also replaces golden eye option with green goat pupil styled eyes. DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SM1--JPenONscr9AP2cjbEZ9mVuSKa1t/view?usp=sharing Skin 17, face 21 Skin 18, face 22 Skin 19, face 23 Have fun with these, and hit Voyager up when his comms are open because hot damn can this man create some cool stuff. Have fun roleplaying demons!
  12. Hello! Recently, a friend of mine had given me the files required to import Kel'thuzad from the Shadowlands into our current generation of WoW; His name is Taldor, and you may know him. He gave me permission to upload this, and also showed me how to do some basic patchwerk. Below are some screenshots to show you how the new Kel'thuzad skin looks, as well as the patch itself. To install it, do the following: First, download the .zip file. Next, extract the files here: C:(or whatever drive you use)/ ... /Epsilon (Or whatever you have the game folder named)/_retail_/Patches It should look something like Epsilon/_retail_/Patches/kelthuzad with the files Finally, you need to activate the patch. Simply go to your epsilon launcher, and click the 'Patches' button on the right. It should allow you to then check off the patch... And boom! You're good to go! There we go. Hope this is helpful to you guys! ______________________________________________________ Oh, and additionally, I called it v1.0! I should give a bit of insight on that! I noticed a glaring issue or two with the skin to keep in mind. First, there are no frost effects like the original has (and I'd like to fix that for the future), And second, there is no dialogue animation like the original has (which I don't know if I'll get a chance to fix) But yeah, there you have it! kelthuzad.zip
  13. (Green) Warden Armor Set Made by Voyager Original Distributor: Serijas This armor replaces the Nazmir Raid Set with a more customizeable Warden Armor Set. You can recolor the armor by changing the warden.blp or use the files as templates. Credit to the files goes to Voyager in the Discord. These files are distributed free and are shared freely and owned by me and exported, edited and essentially prepared by Voyager through a paid request, do not commercialize these files in any way. Features: -> Head, Shoulders, Gloves, Chest, Legs and Boot and Cloak Slots wearable armor pieces that have you look like the Green Warden. -> You can swap out any of the slots to your liking to create your own armor, or just keep the helmet's design -> The Armor is FEMALE and for NIGHTELVES (I may ask Voyager to make a custom model for male nightelves too some time in the future) How to Install: 1. Export the Zip Files content into your Epsilon/_retail_/Patches directory. 2. You should now have a directory named WardenArmor in your Patches directory. 3. In the launcher, go to patches and tick the WardenArmor Patch, if it is grey, you did not do the steps above. 4. Ingame, add the following items to your inventory with .additem .additem 160634 1 566 .additem 160641 1 566 .additem 11172420 .additem 160636 1 566 .additem 161358 1 566 .additem 160718 1 566 .additem 160733 1 566 5. You can now finally run around without the helmet on. 6. Have fun WardenArmor.zip
  14. Hey! I don't know if this has been said before or not, but it's an unfortunate truth that some character models are severely outdated. Some harbor more interest than others, of course, but one group that I feel is lacking in this field especially are those of the undead. I know, many undead had been overhauled back in Legion(?) and other things, where we have better models for zombies, some skeletons, and abominations, as well as ghouls. Aside from that, however, other creatures, such as Liches (Both Kel'thuzad and the generic type) are seriously lacking in that regard, as well as the various skeleton mages. Outside of that, the cult of the damned necromancers, which have their own unique models separate from humans, also are lacking in any HD-ification. I am completely unsure as to how to do this, or even start, but I'd love it if this could be something to get made, and if I can learn at the same time, that's even better, I'd be happy to help work on this. Thank you for reading, and to contact me easier, go to the discord and find me at XyrrYai#9886
  15. FEMALE SETHRAK PATCH: First and foremost, I wish to give a HUGE thank you to Voyager, he worked so hard making this patch and bringing it to fruition. He did such a lovely freakin' job and I look forward to seeing everyone else enjoy his work. Now, with that in order, I want to explain a few things about the patch. There are a total of TWELVE female Sethrak models added within this mod that Voyager placed together with tidbits of help from me here and there. They replace the low definition human models from Vanilla WoW and therefore, that's what people without the patch will be seeing. I do wish to stress that installing this patch is imperative if you want to be able to enjoy what everyone else is seeing! Installing the patch is fairly easy, and the instructions below require: WinRAR, Epsilon Launcher, and the Patch folder. Download Here Instructions: -- Model IDs: QUESTIONS & CONCERNS: Q. Is this patch public or just for the guild? This patch was intended for the Sethralia phase+guild, but it is open to be used by the public so feel free to share with your friends! Q. Are special requests able to be made to update the patch? While not guaranteed, we will take in requests as considerations for the future, but if you would like to have a custom order for yourself, please message my boyfriend Voyager, he takes in commissions! Q. Will there be more reskins added in the near future? Very likely! So stay tuned! Credits go to: Voyager Creates
  16. Tired of sniffling and snuffling as a worgen all the time? Wish there was relief to your seasonal allergies that make you all phlegmy and congested? Here's a really tiny, simple patch to deal with that. "SniffBGone" just swaps the sniffing sound files for empty silence so nothing plays when a sniff occurs. "SniffBGrowl" replaces it with the more subtle male worgen pre-aggro sound which I personally prefer. SniffBGone.zip SniffBGrowl.zip
  17. Hello, one day surfing the internet I found fan arts of Naz'dorei that interested me and well seeing the capacity of this server I wonder if it would be possible to do something like this on the server Example: https://imgur.com/a/oS5zRdN apart from the Nazjatar theme I suppose it would be 10 although of course I don't think many people like the idea but it would be cool
  18. Finally I decided to just put all of my patches together. I was kind of tired of looking at my own mess lol. I'm not sure how often ill be adding things to this page, but its where any edits I make will be if I decide to post them. Its not a perfect page by any means but it gets the job done. I've tested each patch on a brand new client, one at a time. I haven't ran into any issues. However if you have an issue of your own, think something is messed up or it very clearly is, do not hesitate to directly message me on discord. You will get a response much faster than on the forums. Riley#6000 If you get a #132 error immediately after using one of these patches, remove the folder you downloaded from your client and message me. I am not responsible for other patches that break your client. (If need, you can compare the patch you downloaded to what is in your folders to delete them) Item: Shadowlands skins WMO texture changes Character World
  19. Hello, so this is just a small patch that adds the following 3 hairstyles as shown from the shadowlands alpha. Eventually I will get round to doing the males and adding the other female hairs but for now, you can enjoy this ? You will notice that with the first one, I had to cut off the original ponytail and replace it with a pre-existing one due to the hair not being properly rigged at the moment. https://mega.nz/folder/KAgB3QzC#IlPVN60B2_tDnGUUalI4Ig
  20. Hey, that's me again ! I share you my patch to add the Gnome goggles (from the heritage armor set) to Human and Bloodelf, both male and female. The patch swap the engineering goggles from Legion (see below). Little overview : Swapped model : Feel free to contact me on Discord or in game if you see me ! GnomeGoggles Human&BE.rar
  21. Hey, my first post here, I just wanna share a patch that I made a few months ago. With this patch, humans (female) and night elf (both male and female) will get new hair textures based on Kultiran one, but the color still the same as the default ones. This is just an upgraded texture ?(not a copy and past from Shadowlands new textures). Watch out, if you have any patch which change these races hairs, mine can overlap and delete them. If you don't want a race to get the new textures, simply delete the "human" or "nightelf" folder inside "character". Here some screenshots : Feel free to contact me on my discord or in game if you see me ? Maybe a day I'll upgrade the patch and add the human males and other races. MAYBE. HD Hair Human & Nightelf.zip
  22. Hello everyone! I love me some satyr and decided to make a patch for them. I loved the white Val'sharah satyr model but did not like that only white was available. This patch allows for the normal satyr skins (satyr2.m2) to be used in place of the Val'sharah (silver/white w/ horns) satyr skin (satyr3.m2) - morph id: 64706 The rar file holds the furs and armor textures as separate files for each color variant. There are two armor variants - the lighter version belonging to the white horned Val'sharah satyr3.m2 and the darker varient belonging to the Nightmare Val'sharah satyr3nightmare.m2. The fur variants are all the options available to the common satyr2.m2 in World of Warcraft. By default, this only replaces the skin for the satyr3.m2. If you'd rather replace the Nightmare version of the satyr3.m2, change the file names to satyr3nightmare_dark.blp for the fur and satyr3nightmare_armor_dark.blp for the armor. INSTALLATION Copy your choice of satyr3_silver.blp and/or satyr3_armor_silver.blp to the following directory within your main WoW Epsilon directory: \creature\satyr3\ - if both directories do not exist, create them. Creature goes in your main WoW directory and satyr3 within the creature directory. The one or two .blp files go within that. Note: If you choose to omit one of the two files, the game will load the silver fur or lighter armor per my examples above and the morph chosen. Satyr3.m2 Reskins.rar A couple examples
  23. I downported 3 of the new male Orc skins from the Alpha, they replace 3 of the Mag'har skins for regular Orcs. I decided to replace these because we have playable Mag'har, so the ones on the regular Orcs are easy choices to replace. To install simply extract the Character folder into your Epsilon directory (where the EpsilonWoW.exe is). I plan to do females as well, maybe the Worgen ones, and DEFINITELY the black Blood Elves when I find their files. Note: This does not include the tattoos, JUST the skin colours. OrcMaleShadowlandsSkins.rar
  24. So the other day I was browsing through the internet, just scrolling through google images as I do when I stumbled across a few pieces of elf fan art. The following are concepts I and I think many others would live to see made patched. Exibit A: Black Elves https://imgur.com/a/enRAnPt https://imgur.com/a/XXhSftX These days it seems we all hate white people, so what better way to express our hate than by giving the single whitest race the option for a darker skin tone. Exibit B: Tattoo’dorei https://imgur.com/a/flPIzIr https://imgur.com/a/lIcVVwn https://imgur.com/a/TDUL4Bn I think a lot of people would enjoy dawning the fancy blue markings of a true high elf just like Alleria does. My suggestion is you would replace the textures for the old Burning Crusade demon hunter tattoo shirts (Since nobody uses these anymore) with high elf style tattoos. (A blood elf option would also be nice.) Then again I don’t know how you patch makers make this stuff work. Exibit ? Elven Face Markings https://imgur.com/a/6BF1kFE I know you saw a little of this in Exibit B but I think these should be separate, maybe you could connect these to the piercings tab in the character customization screen? Exibit ? Void Elf Improvements https://imgur.com/a/lLE9l8j When Blizzard released void elves I was... Unsatisfied, I believe a change in appearance as shown in the picture above would give them a little pizazz. All of these are but suggestions, but to see these photos used as inspiration for an awesome texture edit would be a welcomed addition to any elf player’s arsenal.
  25. Hello, Happy holidays, this is a small collection of some patch-related things I've done over the past 2-3 months. Most of them are model ports from the World of Warcraft 8.3 PTR as a result of experimenting with ways to modify the models. Installation 1. Open .zip archive and navigate to XmasGoodies folder. 2. Highlight the following folders: Character, creature, item, world. 3. Drag and drop into main Epsilon directory. Contains the following 8.3 ports character\human male and female eternal vestments for human males: [MogIt:957J;lEKE;CrkH;u32C;pQTC;4QcO;4Sav:10:0] character\nightelf male and female Aetherserpent mount replaces world\goober\g_eggspider.m2 displayID 23058 anniversary deathwing mount replaces creature\saber3mount\Saber3Mount.m2 displayID 90159 sylveriandreamer mount replaces creature\arcanevoidwraith\arcanevoidwraith_low.m2 displayID 70234 stormdragonvoid mount replaces world\expansion06\doodads\artifact\doodad_staff_2h_artifactheartofkure_d_05.m2 displayID 71441 vulpera mount replaces world\expansion07\doodads\animation\8anim_template_wheelbarrowmedium01.m2 78470 vulpera heritage collection: [MogIt:lE5N;yeR4;hssI;pQzp;4Rld:j0:0] lich thing replaces world\goober\ghosttrap.m2 displayID 57011 Known issues: Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in-game. Solution: mod native then demorph. Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in character creation. Solution: swap between DK class and any other class, and eyeglow should display correctly. Nightborne fingers glitch out when holding weapon. Fixed. Download