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  1. All the card art in hearthstone is amazing and would work so well for custom epsi painting objects. There is nearly five thousand cards in Hearthstone, thus nearly five thousand types of art just waiting to be some cool painting on a wall in WoW.
  2. • Type of Bug: Texture Editor • Description: Clicking the arrow to minimize the search box upon trying to change/add a swap causes it to never appear again. When trying to add/change swap afterwards, the search box just flashes for a split second then vanishes. This effects the client as a whole as both my accounts have the issue, despite only clicking on the arrow on one. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):https://i.imgur.com/1GHqAtw.gif • Steps to reproduce: Click on Add/Change Swap and then clicking the arrow on the texture editor search. • Expected result: To minimize the box temporarily • Observed result: The box gets minimized indefinitely. • Reproduction rate: N/a • Additional information: N/a EDIT: I ended up switching to the torrent version so inadvertently had a fresh client entirely. This fixed the issue entirely.