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  1. Blowing Smoke? Now with Wooden Pipes! Welcome one, welcome all, to a comprehensive, wooden smoking pipe patch that covers all of the playable races. The item being replaced is the headband (all variants of it unfortunately). The item you should be using is 1029051 as it has the correct textures applied as well. Feel free to use it with the Stolen Breath spell (169291) to get some smoke going as well! In case something is broken, please DM me. I intend to rework my previous cigarette patch as well, stay tuned for more information on that. Future plans for this patch are to hopefully provide a version with working headbands and/or replace the item that the pipe replaces with an invisible head item. Not sure though if there is one like that, suggestions always welcome! Have fun! Since I can't post an image on the forums for some reason, have the URL instead to a preview; Update V1.01: - Said Patchmaker did a dumb and uploaded the patch as a rar, rather than zip. Fixed that now, so you can install it easy via Epsilon Patcher. In case you still want to pursue a manual install, extract the rar/zip in your patches folder and just enable it from the Epsi patch tab. Update V1.1: - Adjusted Troll Male Pipe Size GRWoodenPipePatch.zip GRWoodenPipePatchV1-1.zip
  2. Yes, it is something I've realized! That's why I'm trying to replace it with a rarely used helmet, since helmets are per race adjusted, that is also one of the main reasons that this is taking longer than expected, because I have to work in the archaic 2.79 blender version where the commands are incredibly frustrating ?
  3. Hey there, thanks for the feedback everyone. I might update this patch soonTM in the future (Not Blizzard levels of soon, it'll actually be soon) and make it so that it is race specifically adjusted. I'll make sure to keep everyone posted here.
  4. A little, quick patch that is meant to replace the Candy Cane spell with a cig. Certified working on humans - if any races have it floaty like the gobbo, please leave it in comments. Hope everyone enjoys. Previews below! GR_CalloftheCiggy.zip Known Issues: V1: - The Cig appears to be floating on Goblins, looking into how to fix that.
  5. I've been trying to change the Nightborn skins past number 3(02), but with no success, as they appear to be using custom ID's that I can't find anywhere. Could anyone enlighten me?