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  1. This is fantastic. Do you have anywhere else where you show off more 3D work?
  2. Hey Epsilon, thanks for having me! I'm a recent addition to the Server, and so far I've absolutely loved my time here. I decided to throw together this Guide to share the knowledge I've come across in the name of fashion! One of the things I hate missing out on in games like FF14 are the availability of skirts, dresses, stockings, and tights. I had long given up on ever having these for my girls in the Warcraft universe... Until I joined Epsilon! While poking around in MogIt I discovered that on Non-Dwarven races, many of the Dwarven Heritage armor pieces show up as slightly shaded skin. And when properly stacked, they give the illusion of sheer fabric. Sadly because of that, this Guide will only be for Non Dwarves. I hope you can join us soon! So for starters, the pieces I have found that offer this look come in the following slots. Legs: ID-8178621 Waist ID-7178621 Tabard ID-4178621 Chest ID-2178621 These can be stacked as many times as desired to decrease the sheerness. Although if you give up too many item slots, you won't be able to finish the rest of the outfit. 1 Stack 2 Stacks 3 Stacks (I forgot to get a 4th stack. It's real dark) Secondly, this affect ends just below the thighs, so unless you want to be wearing sheer bike shorts, we need to get creative. I don't know -Anything- about model editing, but if there was a way to extend this look down the entire leg, that would be amazing. Mageweave and other similar Leg pieces that come up to the thigh do a good job of hiding this limitation. And some come in slots like the Waist, so you have room to play around. I have had the best luck by stacking these items twice. I find that is the right level of opaque. 1 Stack with Mageweave 2 Stacks with Mageweave I stack them in the Tabard and Waist slots, as I've found those are the easiest slots to circumvent with other items. The drawback is that if we want to use a skirt item, this is going to leave a gap. I have found a lot of Shirts in the cloth section have the built in skirt that is missing by not using the Skirtadizer. The problem with the Skirtadizer, is it takes up that precious slot we need for other things. By giving up the Waist slot, we need to find a Chest piece that has a Belt built in, or a Chest piece that is just a Belt, and rely on our Shirt slot to do the heavy lifting. I have had the best luck with this in the Leather chest sections. You can even filter with words like "Belt" or "Waist" "Belt" with collar in the chest slot Shirt with built in skirt added in. Obviously this can be ignored if you don't want the small skirt look, you can just use any Chest/Shirt that covers the Belt gap. I hope someday an enterprising Modder or Model Editor can find a way to make this look take up the whole leg. I'd love to see something like that added into the base client. Here is how it looks on a couple other races. I'd love to see yours down below!