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  1. Thank you all for the kind words and takes. I have been roleplaying casually for a couple of days now and although it is very different from my time at RPH, it is not a bad thing in it of itself. It is quaint and enjoyable at times. Hope to see y'all ingame one of these days.
  2. Greetings and salutations to all! I am Marcos, and I was told this was the place for all things Warcraft roleplaying. A little about myself, I started to roleplay in 2010 at RPH. However, given my career and research, I have been absent from roleplaying since 2016. If there is something I love is narratives. I enjoy seeing how different characters from all walks of life can progress through events and interactions with characters, albeit fictionally. I value culture, maybe due to the nature of my work, and I like to use my characters as a foreground to exploring cultures and religions of the peoples my characters belong to. I think fiction is a great tool to create cultural awareness and bring subtle elements from the real and fictional worlds to life. I want to ask: What is the nature of roleplaying in this server? I ask because I have a rather busy schedule teaching, excavating, reading academic texts, and as a result, roleplaying would be a hobby I wish to undertake to reconnect to my younger self and rediscover the magic that is exploring Warcraft. Thank you all who take the time to reply!