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  1. I got started playing Epsilon and i'm still having problem with the ropes of the game server like for example player chat. How do I join Epsilon Player Chat ingame to talk to people?
  2. I would love to see Epsilon do more Void Elf Customization Options for Void Elves from Shadowlands like the High Elf Ones for example.
  3. Will there be added in Zones and Buildings/Models from Dragonflight and Shadowlands atleast in terms of those who wanted HD Scourge Buildings from Maldraxxus, HD Centaur, Gnoll, Tuskkar, Titan Buildings and etc from Dragonflight as well into Epsilon?
  4. I tried to Edit the Old Classic World to make it HD but I kept on getting this message saying: "This Zone seemingly does not contain doodads. Try .phase shift doodads unknown on/off" I tried it and it says There is no such subcommand. I need help with this issue or atleast anything.