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  1. • Type of Bug: In-game Bug; Client Crash. • Description: The Mechagnome races has some animations who brokes apart the model. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a forged NPC or morph yourself into a Mechagnome. 2a. (Male) use .npc emote or .npc say anything with a ! (which make the model do EmoteTalkExclamation emote) 2b. (Both) use .npc emote or sit yourself (sitting in the ground or using a chair has the same result) 3. (Female) Finally, do the same as point 2a, which will give you the wow error. • Expected result: Both models shouldn't broke itself nor the client when executing those specific animations. • Observed result: In both genders, all the Sit Animations (SitGround, SitChairMed, SitChairLow, SitChairHigh) entirely brokes the model (With the female broken entirely and the male one having his legs and arms broken.) Then, in cases like the Female one, EmoteTalkExclamation causes a WoW Error to the client. The Male, in this case, only has his legs and arms broken as with the sit anim case. Finally, male model has a weird bug regarding his right eye, which make it follow your camera. • Reproduction rate: 100% • Additional information: At first, i though it could be specific of the Spanish Client (which i use) but, according to one of my partners (who uses the English one), same thing happens.
  2. • Type of Bug: LUA Error • Description: When you try to restore a deleted caracter in a Spanish Client only a LUA Errors appears, without any chance or question mark to confirm the restoration of the character. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: 1. Install Spanish Client 2. (Optional) Create a Character 3. Select one and click restore deleted character. • Expected result: A confirmation panel should appear, prompting to select yes to restore or no to abort restoration. • Observed result: LUA Error appears everytime you try to restore the character, without any confirmation panel. • Reproduction rate: 100% • Additional information: The only workaround is to change the language of the client to English and replace the DBCFilesClient to the ones from the English Starter Pack.
  3. I noticed this before, it's seems the command takes the last displayid everytime you use it (even if you put none, which is why you recieve the box one) I put four displayid to show what i'm saying: Notice how the forged npc takes the 88534 even when you spawn new ones. To point out: this seems to "fix" itself when server restarts (like the names/subnames too)
  4. • Type of Bug: In-game bug • Description: New created characters are unable to equip Daggers or Fist Weapons. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a character 2. Try to equip daggers 3. Try to equip Fist Weapons • Expected result: Players should be able to equip daggers or fist weapons without problem. • Observed result: Player can't use those weapons. • Reproduction rate: Always (100%) • Additional information: The cause seems to be that the skills for that weapon types (along with their racials, and the ability to change/select talents or change specialization) are not learned on creation. Not even the Rogues recieve it on creation. For now, the only workaround is: Change Specs: .cast 218386 Daggers: .setskill 173 450 450 Fist Weapons: .setskill 473 450 450
  5. • Type of Bug: in-game bug • Description: Void Elf Warlock class/race combination keeps geeting "error creating character" when trying to create them. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to Character Creation Panel 2. Choose Void Elf race 3. Choose Warlock class 4. Try to create one • Expected result: Character created successfully • Observed result: "Error creating character" message appear when clicking on finish • Reproduction rate: Always (100%) • Additional information: Seems to be the only combination who gives this same error I decided to create another bug report since the other got marked as solved (https://forums.epsilonwow.net/topic/1329-error-creating-character/)
  6. Nere

    Missing Models

    Just wanted to add that this problem also happens with the models of - Ko'ragh (54825) - Shadow-lord Iskar (61932) - Supreme Lord Kazzak (64119) - Ragewing the Untamed (53315) - Dreadfang (56363) - Blazing Trickster (53112) - Wise Mari (41125) - Azure Serpant (39492) - Sha of Violence (43283) - Almost all the Paragons of the Klaxxi [except for Skeer the Bloodseeker] (48675,48676,48677,48678,48679,48680,48681,48682) - Amber-Shaper Un'sok (43126) - Garalon (42368) - The Stone Guard [From Mogu'shan Chambers] (42644,41894,41893,41892) also, i think it would be good to add the model's id of the others already reported, maybe that would help - Garrosh Hellscream (49585) - Champion's Dreadblade (60207) [this model belongs to his NPC version, i don't know if it's the same] Also, i think that the majority of the missing models are from the Mist of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor expansions, and there are some from Legion (like midnight in his mount version, Hyrja (65076), Cortilax (65791), Serpentrix (65110), or Cenarius (70947), Ursoc (66676), Elerethe Renferal (69474) or the Nightmare Tentacle (72236) from the Emerald Nightmare Raid)
  7. it's glad to see that i'm not the only one who thinks that, indeed Nazgûls are awesome! And seeing them in the Shadow of Mordor Sequel was like "Oh god, yes!"
  8. Thanks, Norshar! Thanks! and yes, i have an interest for The Lord of The Rings since i was a kid (and i always liked the Witch King of Angmar), and personally i like the Shadow of Mordor game too! (pretty obvious since my profile is Talion xD)
  9. Hi, Epsilon! I'm Erandur though before that i had the nickname of Neredun, there isn't much to tell about me, just that i'm most an invisible person who have spanish (i'm Argentinian) as native language but understands English (though i write it not very well, so now you know why) without much more to say i hope to have a nice stay Best regards. Erandur.
  10. i would like to share some of my teleports (for Raids and Dungeon i share more than one because it's not connected with the entrace zone): -- Class Halls -- Shaman Class Hall: .world 960.76 1086.7 17.1 1469 4.8 Warlock Class Hall: .world 3096 983 257.38 1107 0 Paladin Class Hall: .world 2369 -5353.18 52.58 0 5.51 Death Knight Class Hall: .world -1504.5 1056.3 260.39 1220 4.13 Demon Hunter (i'm pretty sure that map 1481 is from Pre-Dh Quests, there are like 2 or 3 maps about this but the loading screen should be different): .world 1569.29 1405.62 237.10 1519 2.69 -- Pandaria Raids -- Siege of Orgrimmar (Pandaria Zone): .world 1441.2 340 289.1 1136 1.58 Siege of Orgrimmar (Orgrimmar): .world 1363.8 -4372.9 26 1136 0.11 Throne of Thunder: .world 5891.86 6603.20 105.91 1098 4.67 -- Warlords of Draenor Raids -- Hellfire Citadel: .world 3970.02 -735.247 33.65 1448 1.72 Hellfire Citadel (Grommash's Torment) .world 4041.7 2544.78 210.80 1448 4.73 Hellfire Citadel (Mannoroth Zone): .world -2999.83 -291.82 606.23 1448 0.01 Hellfire Citadel (Black Gate): .world 4052.05 -2134.82 51.14 1448 4.78 Hellfire Citadel (Killrogg's Death Vision Zones): - Stormwind: .world 3766.33 -220.90 -3.23 1448 1.59 - Undercity: .world 3765.18 -136.67 1.804 1448 1.499 -- Legion Dungeons -- Maw of Souls: .world 7186.82 7319.46 23.50 1492 6.18 Return to Karazhan (The Entrace): .world -11090.8 -1987.5 49.75 1651 0.68 Return to Karazhan (Guardian's Library, the "normalized" scale version, who leads to the chess and Nether zone): .world 4144.82 -2059.10 727.17 1651 4.68 -- Legion Raids -- Trial of Valor (Odyn Zone): .world 2488.63 538.11 749 1648 3.26 Trial of Valor (Helya Zone): .world 467.24 705.10 17.96 1648 4.66 Tomb of Sargeras: .world 5859 -795.8 2953 1676 0.05 Tomb of Sargeras (Kil'jaeden's Ship): .world 4500.12 -1509.83 385.64 1676 4.67 .world 4500.12 -1509.83 5385.6 1676 4.67 Note: There are Two Kil'jaeden Ships one above the other the only difference is the Map (only one show the correct map)
  11. Ferelden Belongs to the nords!

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