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  1. If Gul'dan was the Lich King instead of Ner'zhul.... 10/10
  2. Fun to read, I am curious and wonder.... Is it possible for them to have connection with Ashenvale (that has some green taint) and Felwood?
  3. Ty and nice to see you again, I remember you on Mane.
  4. "I'm maybe cursed by the Undeath, but my soul is not." Name: Myranda Whisperbreeze Title(s): Dark Champion of Elune, Shadow of the Sentinels, White Angel of Death Gender: Female Race: Undead Night Elf Character Class: Death Knight, Warrior, Former Huntress (Warcraft III) Reaction: Alliance Horde Affiliation(s): Darnassus, Sentinels, Alliance, The Armies of Legionfall Former Affiliation(s): Kaldorei Empire, Kaldorei Resistance, Undead Scourge, Knights of the Ebon Blade, The Ashen Verdict Occupation: Death Knight Champion of the Alliance Status: Alive (Legion), Deceased (Anduin: Son of the Wolf) Relative(s): Rohanda Whisperbreeze (Daughter), Unnamed Night Elf Warrior (Lover), Sharanda Whisperbreeze, Illyianda Whisperbreeze (Sisters), Rohan Whisperbreeze (Brother), Minanda Whisperbreeze (Mother, Deceased) Mentor(s): Amal'thazad, Instructor Razuvious, Arthas Menethil, Unnamed Night Elf Archer, Unnamed Night Elf Huntress Student(s): Rohanda Whisperbreeze Companion(s): Frostbite (Spectral Saber, Formerly Frostsaber) Character Voice and Theme: Once a noble warrior of the Sentinels and of the Alliance, Myranda Whisperbreeze was ambushed and raised by the Lich King into the cold-bloodied unbreakable Death Knight. Now freed of the Fallen Lich King Arthas' Corruption, Myranda rejoins the Alliance and faces a threat that could destroy Azeroth. With her powerful Undeath Magic and Cryomancy she will freeze and shatter to those who serve the Burning Legion. Poking Quotes and Dialogs: Other Dialogs: With Tyrande: Tyrande Whisperwind says: It gladdens my heart to see you once more friend. Myranda Whisperbreeze says: Hope you still got some fight in you. With Malfurion: Myranda Whisperbreeze says: Ready for a little action? Malfurion Stormrage says: Come friend, the field of battle lies before us. With Rohanda at Final Battle at Argus: Myranda Whisperbreeze says: I sense a lot of hatred for one so small. <She smirks.> Rohanda Whisperbreeze says: Hmph, indeed. <She nodded with a smile.>
  5. Myranda


    <Waves.> Hello it's Myranda Whisperbreeze the Night Elf Death Knight, you guys probably know me as one of the person you like, hate and whatever. Heard about this server and unsure if I can drop by and say hello.