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  1. It's better if I just let this screenshot explain it
  2. Name: - Relena SnowbreezeRace: - Kaldorei - Night ElfProfession: - Medic - VagabondDesired Class: - Shaman - Shapeshifter Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):- Relena Snowbreeze, born in Winterspring and spending most of her life there alongside her mother. Living alone in the more isolated planes of the snowy mountains near the ruins of the old highborne kingdoms, they lived as simple lives as they could. Living off what they knew of the local animals and plant life, working with the goblins of Everlook as local healers and guides- evidently on a hunting trip her mother was gorged by a lost boar who was armored up to be a mount. Leaving Relena to trying to tend to her mothers wounds but eventually failing in the endeavor. Leaving her to be lost within the snow of winterspring Brief Character Personality Synopsis:-Relena is an optimist with an (annoyingly) chipper voice, talking about the better of every situation and how after everything blows over they could get some hot chocolate with marshmellows. She usually sees the good in everyone but is extremely hot-headed, and if she is pushed enough she will eventually start giving death threats over someone shooting her optimism down. How much time can you commit to the campaign?- I'm usually gone from 7am - 3pm on weekdays but as of 28/3/2020 I have complete freetime until 26/4/2020 What time zone are you based in?- Pacific Standard Time - Or mountain time. Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Yes, death is death. It comes to all even people and characters we don't want them to.