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  1. Hold a grudge then. That's ok.
  2. Demon Hunter Tweaks Flameless eyes, claws, blindfolds, you name it. Download Note: 7.3.5 compatible To Argus, or not to Argus Do you wish to see Argus before the portal was closed? or would you rather never see the Seat of the Pantheon? This mod has a solution for you. Preview: Download Note: Argus may not be 100% accurate due to the different amount of texture files Grim Inquisitor Deplated A nice robe, with a nice geoset, except someone put PLATE on it. This mod removes the plates from all races so you can enjoy the collar. Preview: Download Note: Removes the plates from the arm of the mythic version too. Blood Elf/Void Elf BFA Tweak Gets rid of the duckface courtesy of BFA. Preview: Download Note: 7.3.5 compatible Blood Elf Beards Includes some of the Void elf beards for Blood elves. Preview: Download Note: Includes the BFA Smile Tweak Nightborne Tweak You know how Nightborne don't look similar to their NPC models? Welp, I tried. Preview: Download Note: With optional eyeglow remover. Long-tailed Draenei A small edit that makes the draenei use their long tailed mesh. Preview: Download Dadgar's Gucci Works about as well as you'd expect it to. (Replaces the Felreaper mesh) Preview: Download Note: Human Male only OG Vindicaar Do you hate the light? Do you hate eyestrain? Is purple the best color? (yes) Preview: Download Note: Also replaces the skybox (enviroments folder) Blood Elf Metamorphosis Tweak I tried to make the ears more upright for the blood elves. Preview: Download Note: Only havoc model is affected due to limitations. High Elf Eye Tweak I tried to find the balance between Helf and DK so that it can be used for both. Includes blue jewelry for females. Preview: Download Note: Now working for a high amount of High Elf npcs Chinese Undead Models For when you feel like you want untorn armor. Preview: Download Note: 7.3.5 compatible Classic Banshee Because Blizzard decided to make the banshee model for the whole 4 non elven banshees instead of the rest. Preview: Download Note: 7.3.5 compatible Billbong's Worgen Edit Credits go to Preview: Download Note: Updated to 7.3.5 HD Legacy Armor Credits go to Snail from Darknest for the armors. I fixed some weird textures and added cloaks, shoulders and helmets and put it into an installer Preview: Download Note: All armor textures increased to 256px from 128 UPDATE: Added Helmets, Shoulders, and Capes. 16:9 Loading Screens Ever since Legion there have been some loading screens that actually filled the screen, with a small db2 edit and some upscaled textures, now all of them do. Preview: Download Note: Some textures were upscaled from 512x512 to 2048x1024 HD Furry Patch Nothing to see here. Preview: Download Note: female model has minor issues including: no dk eyeglow, no guild capes Bronzebeard Heritage armor A little something for everyone. ♥ Preview: Download Note: replaces second sight mesh and khan's set, helmet replaces horned viking Misc Mods ! Important ! Put the following into your Config.WTF SET M2UseLOD "0" Changelog:
  3. ? Said God is blizzard, they did a great job with these models. Well, it's fine.. my thread was buried behind spam and I guess people started sharing the mega link instead, which unfortunately becomes outdated as soon as you update it, I could post some of my things over here too, if wanted.
  4. While I realize that posting threads from RPH might be against the rules, the link there is outdated, also my name was right there in the read me.