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  1. Thank you, you're a life saver ❤️
  2. I never read any readmes, also I was under the impression my friend did it since the discord made it seem like he did, didn't find out still after I post it. Ill give you credit in there~
  3. I have no idea what I'm doing~ https://mega.nz/#!Q7JkSYRS!MsorVknjv352PamLQtmjJ0xwbeiGQzpe8Dipi9g-GF0 Hope it's clickable for yall. Updated worgens weren't ported by me. Credit goes to Generic DH Optional "albino worgen female" texture edit by me. Just place in your female folder and override and you're good to go ❤️ https://mega.nz/#!tc5HlKQS!u7aRsKUbVsK6gXQHo0OciYO4yXgogLgC7odrvCO0WKo https://imgur.com/a/VO2ttEP Replaces face 5, and skin 1 only
  4. Sunrise County The land of silver and gold Currently in the final stages of development, Sunrise County is an upcoming phase that is set in the current timeline. It is an alliance aligned county, though horde is tolerated, though they are under a close eye as of now. Sunrise was inspired by my love of old west movies and cowboys. The county itself is both based on the real old west and the romanticised cowboy movies and holds a healthy mixture of each. Sunrise itself is a fully customized phase, from the ground up, though it is not very large as it stands. The main town, Fairstone, is small, but players have the opportunity to leave on the train and travel to other parts of the county that will slowly open up through progression. The build is a mixture of two types of deserts, sandy and flat. The majority of the island is desert, which will pose an issue for those who wish to travel out of the town. With the dangers of the desert, the town has other issues the citizens have been working hard to get by. They have a small supply of clean water from a cave that the town is based on, though it's just enough to get by. The town also has an issue with a bandit gang that has set up in a gorge not far from Fairstone and has been causing a lot of trouble for the town and the lawmen. And to add to that, rumors of corruption in the government has been spreading. As time goes by, other events will be open to the player so people can progress their characters. People can also over up event ideas that can be voted upon in our discord, which will be given at the bottom of this page. Lore: Years ago Westfall civilians grew tired of the suppressing reign of Stormwind City. Some decided to sit around and complain, others decided to join the Defias Brotherhood, while a few decided to leave and start a new town. Rumors had it that an island somewhere off of the Badlands was an island full of rare and exotic minerals that could make a simple man richer than the king of Stormwind. Well turns out it wasn't exactly true. Though, they did find out the island does hold a large amount of silver and gold. Though many died during the journey after finding the island to be full of dangers like Sand Worms, they decided to settle down and build. Finally, they built a railroad and deemed it safe for visitors, if they follow the rules and avoid the sandy parts of the desert. Job roles are given to people once they join the guild. Guests/visitors, those outside of the guild, do not pick one. It is not heavily required you pick a job role, but it is highly recommended. Think of this as a real town, there needs to be an economy and workers to keep it going, and I wish to promote that here. Below is a list of all the roles. If you wish to be something not on the list, please contact one of the officers in the discord and we will discuss it. Roles- Mayor - The mayor’s job is to run the county and keep it stable. He owns the land that the town is built on, and all the land around it. Though this job is closed to the public and will likely be an NPC as of now. (Taken) Sheriff - The sheriff is the leader of the guard in a county. Until the town grows to be a county, there will only be one Sheriff. His job is to arrest and detain the current issue of the gangs as well as criminal. He works with the bounty hunters and lawmen to complete this task. (Taken) Law Men - These are the officers under the Marshal who work to address crime in the county. Judge - The judge works with the officers, though not closely. He works in the law office and decides the outcome of cases given to him by the Marshal. The judge can choose whatever punishment he sees fit for the criminal if found guilty. Trials will be held in the Town Hall. Bounty Hunter - Like the romantic cowboys you see in westerns, bounty hunters go out to catch the outlaws and either kill them or bring them in. They have the ability to uphold the law if they wish, but are not required to. Saloon Workers - Bartender/Saloon Owner - The bartender also owns the Saloon and has say of what goes on in his Saloon. He can kick whoever he wants out and is allowed to even shed blood in his own saloon if he sees fit. But he must have a valid reason to.complete Waitress - People that serve drinks to the saloon goers. These are usually women but can comprise of men. Piano Player - The person who plays the snazzy tunes of the town. (There is a custom built piano in the saloon for this) Workers: (Note that indoor stores will be set up after they are bought ICly.) Cowboy - Unlike the classic westerns, these people are simple laborers what usually can be found working on a ranch. Barber - deal cutting hair and with only hair. Unlike the west, they do not try and cure people of disease.people These Shopkeeper - This person sells everything you could ever need. From pretty dolls to house decorations, you can get anything at this store. Miner - These people wish to strike it rich within Sunrise County. They came here with the rumors of the rare metals in the county. Little did they know, it's just silver and gold, a somewhat common mineral in Azeroth. But granted, there’s still a lot of it. Rancher - These people own cows, horses, usual ranching animals. Outlaws - This is the gang that can be found in Lost Hope’s Hollow. They are the current antagonists of the county. Preacher - This is a priest that preaches about the light. They run the chapel and they are the town healer. They work with the undertaker for funerals. Undertaker - They live in the chapel with the preacher and build coffins and bury the dead. They are in full charge of the graveyard. These people are usually the less savory and more creepy type of people. In fact, the rumor goes that if someone dies, it’s the will of the Undertaker. If you have any questions please contact staff on our discord: https://discord.gg/PrZYcnG Below are some finished areas within the phase.
  5. Yeah they'd look so much better. As long as no one tries to make them thinner, I'm happy.
  6. As someone who rps female dwarves, I beg of someone, give us better hairstyles. More people might actually play female dwarves!
  7. its ok derpy likes to steal weed from me, its a daily thing i assure u
  8. Yes actually, I say we do in the first post. There's going to be mostly lovecraftian horrors. Though wow models are limiting... But we'll do the best we can!
  9. That was Hemwick, the town, this is the forest itself. We are focusing more on the horror aspect and the sort before opening the town, once the forest's story arch is complete.
  10. So we are in the works of creating a survival horror phase that will introduce another phase over time. I am writing up lore on it and we got the general idea of it down, but I'd like to talk to the community, get ideas and see who would be interested. I enjoy horror very much and it's one of my favorite movie genres. Horror both inspires, terrifies, and enthralls me and I want to try and see what I can do when it comes to a survival horror phase. I can't say the storyline or all of the lore for obvious reasons, but I will say it is heavily inspired by HP Lovecraft, and some elements or taken straight out of a few of his works. The place is also inspired by various movies, books, and games, one being Bloodborne and even slasher flicks. We plan to toy around with ideas from various works to create our own original idea. But right now it's just me and one or two other people working on it, so I want to get ideas from the community. What would you like to see in a survival horror phase? What scares you the most?