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Found 4 results

  1. Tired of sniffling and snuffling as a worgen all the time? Wish there was relief to your seasonal allergies that make you all phlegmy and congested? Here's a really tiny, simple patch to deal with that. "SniffBGone" just swaps the sniffing sound files for empty silence so nothing plays when a sniff occurs. "SniffBGrowl" replaces it with the more subtle male worgen pre-aggro sound which I personally prefer. SniffBGone.zip SniffBGrowl.zip
  2. https://i.gyazo.com/e30712fc1343633a78f81710d28d90a6.mp4 Heres some worgen macros I use because it's halloween I guess lmao ? Shapeshift: Male Worgen: .unaura all /stopcasting /cleartarget .dismount .cheat fly off .ca 68996 .morph 37915 .mod scale 1.00 .mod speed 1.00 .cheat god on /g .rev .c 81908 t Shapeshift: Female Worgen: .unaura all /stopcasting /cleartarget .dismount .cheat fly off .ca 68996 .morph 37914 .mod scale 1.00 .mod speed 1.00 .cheat god on /g .rev .c 81908 t How To Remove Worgen Facial Hair: .add 169924 ^ Add & Wear this Claw & Bite Melee Combo: /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cool on .cheat cast on .c 37454 t /in 0.8 /g .c 133468 t /in 0.8 /g .c 37454 t /in 1.8 /g .c 294031 t /in 1.81 /g .c 296276 t .mod an 27 Worgen Leap: .unlearn 73325 /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .learn 92832 /cast Leap of Faith Run On All Fours: /stopcasting /cleartarget .u 199832 .ca 262421 t .mod sp 2.5 .mod anim 470 .mod anim 557 Worgen Stealth: /stopcasting /cleartarget .ca 80264 t .ca 37802 t Sniffing & Detecting Eye .c 298085 t .mod anim 4506 See Through Walls Demon Hunter "Scent" Vision: Worgen: Vision /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cast on .cheat cool on .c 160505 .c 199866 .mod speed 1
  3. i'm completely new to the server and I was wondering if anyone did or can make a Black Worgen Fur color? nothing too complex, just some neat black fur. cuz it's an option i have never seen for the Worgen (at least since BFA) and I know there's a sorta timberwolf-like fur pattern for the worgen in shadowlands (and it's cool) but I just want a nice Black fur color! please and thank you!
  4. I have no idea what I'm doing~ https://mega.nz/#!Q7JkSYRS!MsorVknjv352PamLQtmjJ0xwbeiGQzpe8Dipi9g-GF0 Hope it's clickable for yall. Updated worgens weren't ported by me. Credit goes to Generic DH Optional "albino worgen female" texture edit by me. Just place in your female folder and override and you're good to go ❤️ https://mega.nz/#!tc5HlKQS!u7aRsKUbVsK6gXQHo0OciYO4yXgogLgC7odrvCO0WKo https://imgur.com/a/VO2ttEP Replaces face 5, and skin 1 only