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  1. Teizu ----------- Race: Vulpera Class: Shaman (Enhancement and Elemental dual-spec) Age: 25 (Born 15 Years after the Dark Portal opened) Nickname(s): Tei, Tezzi, Tez Titles: Councilor of Elements of Vol'dun - Gender: Male Affiliation(s): The Voldunai, The Horde, The Elemental Circle (Vol'dun's Shaman faction), The Earthen Ring, Dragonscale Expedition Relationship Status: Engaged (Elrah Snowpelt) Alignment: Lawful Good Status: Alive Weaknesses: Decay, extreme cold, wearing very heavy armour Strengths: Spirit, heat resistance, agility, speed Family: Elrah - Fiancée (Alive) Vathiss - Elder Brother (Adoptive, alive) Radosho - Father (Deceased) Milleya - Mother (Deceased) Unknown Sibling (Deceased) Unknown Sibling (Deceased) Vazrei - Brother (Alive) History Summary Teizu was born in the harsh, unforgiving desert of Vol'dun, in north-western Zandalar, within the Abandoned Burrows. He had 3 siblings, two of which were unfortunately lost to the Sethrak's warfare, alongside his mother and father, whom was a very accomplished Shaman, Sage, and Mystic of his people during his prime. Teizu managed to evade slavery until his adolesence, in which he was acquired by a Sethrak mage of lower nobility named Sohrab, whom would use him to mine ores, test spells on, and test weaponry on, resulting in permanent scarring over most his body. But, Teizu was quick and clever, a renowned trait amongst his race, and was elusive, breaking free of his chains to return to his caravan as often as he could, though he spent more time enslaved than he did free. His role in the caravan was a scavenger and alchemist. As a result of this turnaround, Sohrab freed Teizu and the two would go to adventure together, Teizu's tendency to forgive, perhaps considered a weakness by some, allowing him to be content with adventuring with the Sethrak. For the most part, they stayed in Vol'dun, Sohrab protecting Teizu from any Faithless oppressors, and them mostly staying within the Terrace of the Devoted in western Vol'dun, a safe haven of the Devoted Sethrak, whom Teizu had a harm time trusting. To him, the only Sethrak he had seen at the time who he could verify was largely benevolent was his newfound friend Sohrab. At this time, Teizu found himself fighting with whatever he could lay his hands on, largely throwing knives and daggers, working with self-brewed poisons, mostly made from Sethrak venom glands. The Fourth War descended to Azeroth, and brought its wreckage to the shores of Zandalar, even reaching to Vol'dun as the Alliance would lay siege to the Vulpera, burning their caravans, meanwhile the Horde would be liberating Vulpera. The Alliance's part in the war does not sit well with Teizu to this day. Though he has quelled his desire for vengeance, it is still very much there, and should a Fifth War break out, Teizu will enlist to enact justice upon the Alliance for their crimes against his kin. Exodus from Vol'dun During the period of the war around the time of the Rise of Aszhara, Sohrab and Teizu would escape the conflicts, the Vulpera having seen enough, before it tore his heart asunder. After much sailing, they would find themselves on a tropical island inhabited by a colony of mainly Zandalari, alongside Vulpera and Sethrak. This colony called themselves 'Zandalar Forever', with Teizu and Sohrab joining them. It was here where Teizu would meet Vathiss, a Sethrak of whom he was wary and distrusting of at first, but would become close friends, brothers, and allies in the future. Teizu would remain here for several months, until Sohrab and Teizu would depart from the island in pursuit of new adventures. Joining the Horde Roughly around the time of N'Zoth's liberation and assault on Azeroth, Teizu would join many of his kin in joining the Horde. For him, this was not only find friends, but also to pay the Horde back for freeing so many of his kin, as well as being officially opposed to the Alliance. He would later meet the many races of the Horde, and see that he most certainly belonged to this faction, given that they are all the "misfits" of the world, much like his people in the eyes of many, as he would soon learn. Sethralia Teizu, no later than a week after getting his bearings in his new faction's capital city, realized and understood that needed currency, so he would ask around for work, and was sent to Uldum to help deal with the incursion of the Black Empire upon the desert. While here, he would happen upon a settlement of very familiar symbols and people. Sethrak and Vulpera. He entered the settlement, curious as to what the natives of his home were doing here, and happened upon his old friend Vathiss, whom was an ambassador to the settlement and its people, a direct underling of the Chief Mizark, a former soldier of the Faithless Empire. He learned that the purpose of this settlement was to expand the presence of Vol'dun's people into the mainland of Azeroth. He agreed to help them, having a natural affinity to his people. His bond between himself and Vathiss became much stronger, much more concrete, and it was here, in this all too foreign, yet all too familiar desert, where they would consider eachother brothers going forward. The pledge to help Sethralia did not take away his allegience to the Horde, though, and as he was ranked Commander of the settlement and its forces by the Chief, he found it difficult to balance the two, given his convictions towards the Horde and against the Alliance, yet, he managed, and it became easier and easier as the months went on. Conflicts came, went, and the settlement was destroyed. Sethralia moved themselves back to Vol'dun towards the end of the Visions of N'Zoth, renaming themselves the Caravan of Sethralia, a homage to the settlement they once built and resided in. Teizu stayed with them, in the Terrace of the Devoted where they based. During this time, Teizu set down his daggers and became a Shaman through rigorous trials, determination, and guidance from both a Vulpera, and the Orc Shamans of Orgrimmar. Around this time is when he met Elrah, whom he would enter a relationship with until she would later mysteriously disappear for nearly 5 years, presumed dead. The sky shattered, and the armies of hell itself rained down upon Azeroth as the Caravan of Sethralia moved to a small port village in Vol'dun. Teizu faught valiantly against the Undead alongside his comrades, as they returned to the Terrace of the Devoted, and later Shatterstone Harbour. Their presence in Vol'dun ending with the slaying of a vile San'layn Blood Prince, named Valvidron. The next three years were relatively peaceful for the world at large, yet Vol'dun had its fair share of conflicts, as is natural, as it grew and continued to grow, the Caravan he belonged to rising rapidly to power in the undivided land, establishing itself, under the grace, wisdom, and leadership of Keeper Vorrik and Vathiss working hand and hand, rebuilding Shatterstone Harbour as well as many other areas. For the next chunk of time, Sethralia dealt with the armies of the reincarnated Hakkar, though weaker, as well as the Blood God himself. By this time, Teizu had become a well accomplished Shaman, like his father, and he felt content with this, and closer to his father than ever. As the peace ended, and the mythical Dragon Isles awakened, Teizu's mysteriously disappeared ex, Elrah, returned to Vol'dun, having apologized for leaving abruptly and without communication, and they returned to their relationship, and are now engaged. The Elements roared their fury upon Azeroth, Teizu grew concerned, worried, and saddened, constantly working with the Elements to quell their rage and defeat these .. 'Primalists' that invaded his homeland, as well as other regions of Azeroth. Teizu, during one of his many visits to his capital city, heard that an expedition was being gathered to journey to these 'Dragon Isles', and his thirst for adventure, exploration, treasure-finding, as well as his kinship with a select few Dragons he has met, compelled him to not only help lead Sethralia as the Councilor of Shamanism, but join the Dragonscale Expedition and explore here and there as well. The Modern Voldunai Acknowledging that the name Sethralia no longer served the nation's needs, Vorrik quietly reinstated the name of the Voldunai, including now anyone who chose to make their home in this mostly neutral land. Teizu continues his work of walking with the Elements, aiding the Horde, and leading the Voldunai as their Councilor of Shamanism. Where will his story go from here? Time will tell.. Personality: Teizu is a kind, affectionate, empathetic, determined, and adventurous creature. He has an affinity for exploration, treasure-hunting, perhaps a slight hoarding tendency. However, like everyone, he has his vices as well. He has a slight addictive personality, and due to his preferred nature to try to be pacifistic when possible, when his hand is forced, it is all systems go, though this could be seen as a virtue. He can be seen as adaptive, easy to adapt to new environments, people, languages once learned, and cultures. Appearance: Teizu is covered in fluffy, well-kept, and thick red fur, of which some is black in striped patterns on many parts of his body, most notably his head, ears, neck, arms, legs, and torso. His freedom has allowed him to not be confined to stereotypical Vulperan armour, though whatever he wears, it is always crafted to be practical for desert use, no matter its material, nor aesthetic inspiration. His eyes are a bright, brilliant blue, and he has a small tuft of extra fur on the top of his head. He seems to prefer to wear pants over robes or kilts, but can be seen wearing all three, given circumstance. He stands at roughly 3' tall, he is slim, yet toned. The Vulpera, as expected, has a long, fluffy tail. In addition to his red fur and black stripes, he has paler, nearly white parts of fur on many portions of his body. His body is covered in many scars, mostly slash-like, though a few patches of burnt away fur do exist, though they are covered by other fur. His ears are very long, among some of the longest Vulperan ears that can be found, and the right one has three silver hoops. And this ends Teizu's profile, a more in depth profile compared to what can be found in discord servers and TRP. Thanks for reading, PLEASE leave thoughts and constructive criticism. This will be updated to reflect any story changes that occur, or appearance changes.
  2. Welcome to Elysium "Across the seas, forgotten long ago during the sundering of worlds -- a safe haven for all of Azeroth's life. Such is what I have named Elysium." --Raistraza Ever log into Epsilon and wonder what phase to join? Too many, too little? Not what you're looking for? Maybe you just want a stage to DM on -- maybe you just want something akin to world RP like you once had on Retail WoW. Well, that's what we're here to try and emulate! Elysium is a multi-phased, interconnected server on Epsilon that aims to give you a platform to roleplay in! Currently we have three major zones to explore, which can be accessed either through elysium-phases or by simply walking through gateways found throughout the kingdoms. These zones include NPCs, villages, towns, cities and castles! Each zone has its secrets and storylines that you can explore, discover and participate in, if you wish. Our aim is to provide a place for friends to chill out while not being too small -- giving them ample opportunities to play wherever, whenever, and whatever. Not feeling the swampy mood of Evershire? Head over the Plains! Want something creepier to RP in? The Shadow Realm is always waiting for you... Wanna be an exotic race without having to move to an entirely new server? Go for it. Elysium is set to be a mysterious, lost land that splintered off Kalimdor during the Sundering. Elysium follows the same timeline as World of Warcraft, but with certain expansion retcons that help make roleplay less confusing lore-wise and more consistent with the original Warcraft universe. With ancient Tauren, Humans, Dwarves and more -- you're in charge of the lands. Claim a house as your own, make guilds, host events, discover new friends, learn about the history of Elysium, and so much more. We literally have entire kingdoms. Current Administrative Team • @Magicka - Administrator • @Red_dwarf - Administrator • @Tychgen - Moderator • @Pyrrhos - Moderator Accepted Races: Elysium is very lenient on what races you can play. Exotics are encouraged, as well as classic races. We want to accommodate as many people as possible while also trying to keep to the lore of Warcraft. We have a list of playable races that can be found in #playable races. Rules: Elysium is moderated, so there is no need to worry about people harassing you. We have a report-a-player system in place and can always be reached about issues. For a full list of our rules, check out #rules or our Info Hub in-game! There are also greeter NPCs in each of our phases that feature all relevant information. So there is really no excuse for people to say they haven't read them. Elysium is considered a PG 13 to R rated phase in regards to maturity rating. If you are a minor please be aware that people may be partaking in content that is not suitable for your age. Where to Start: First please read all of our rules , then select-a-role . Once you're in, read up on our lore in lore-documents and please consider installing supported-patches ! Themes: [Housing, Pirates, Soldiers, Shops, NPCs, Tribes, Clans, Adventure, Exploration, Castles, Custom Lore, Taverns, Make-Your-Own-Events, Community Participation, Neutral, Alliance, Horde, Dragons, Exotics] https://discord.gg/PyCwMMMb7M
  3. The Voldunai The Voldunai, once a coalition of misfits and scavengers, joining arms against the armies of the Sethrak Empire, now after the fall of Emperor Korthek, have united further, even including the remaining Sethrak whom of which have renounced their loyalties to the fallen Emperor, and the Tortollan, for the future of the wasteland they call their home. ----------- The Voldunai has been running since late 2019, starting as a small settlement of Sethrak and Vulpera in Uldum, called Sethralia, who sought to expand their peoples into the rest of the world of Azeroth. However, during the invasion of N'Zoth, they returned to Vol'dun after their encampment was destroyed by the forces of the Old God. During this time, we made a temporary move to another server, to use Vol'dun. However, given circumstances, we returned to Epsilon and made our adventures in Vol'dun using Uldum as a stand in. The guild has grown massively since, both in players, stories, and phase additions, with 300+ players in the guild and discord. We do have additions to lore to make Vulpera and Sethrak more RPable, to give fuel for more interesting characters and stories, whilst trying to not escape the bounds of what is currently established by Blizzard too much. The guild is, naturally, centered around continuing the story of Vol'dun Post-BfA, our take on a window into what may have happened with it if Blizzard continued that story, yet other races are allowed as well, with the honour system of common sense. We encourage creative freedom, with common sense encouraged as the law of the land. As it stands, the phase is based in Shatterstone Harbour, rebuilt after the Alliance disbanded it after the Fourth War, but the entire phase is open, built, and filled to the brim with NPCs and interactable tidbits. ----------- Features: - Frequent host periods - DMed quests, events, world bosses, and world events! - Survival themes while steering away from being a full-on survival phase. - A welcoming community, striving to be free of judgment, drama, and bigotry. - Player housing within reason, through applications - Player markets, through Officer intervention - A constantly changing and progressive, open world, desert setting, obviously, nestled in Vol'dun. - Ability to acquire pets or mounts through RP or IC vendors. - A resource system. - Fast travel wagons to various destinations. - Shaman, Druid, and Mage class halls. - Joinable factions such as the Shatterstone Guards, the Elemental Circle, the Sethraliss Circle, and the Ministry of Magic. - A player ran council, lead by Chancellor Vathiss and Keeper Vorrik. - An IC historical museum detailing events occurring in Vol'dun since the end of BfA. - Encouraged exploration. - Sand ----------- Other Info - Timeline Info: Our phase exists in the present day timeline (10.0), and sits in a timeline where Talanji deemed Vol'dun its own nation, and retains a very close allyship with it. However, the Zandalari still send their criminals to Vol'dun. - We have a Discord, which is highly reccomended, if not required, due to it containing all the info you need to get started, rules, events, and community! Join it here: https://discord.gg/kDMxMvupct - We have a "living" document, that includes all the homebrew and tidbits we have added to make the worldbuilding feel more alive. Check it out here! Created by myself, Vathiss, and Equilibrium: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NAlzmhlV4DFEe8rR265Rtim0uKstUxd-8_xEyqzZRIo/edit#
  4. Boz's Comprehensive TRP3: Extended Advanced Guide Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Jumping Into Advanced Items 3. Workflows 4. Demo: Making A Card That Flips 1. Introduction Hello Epsilonian, In this comprehensive guide I will show you how to create your very own amazing items using TRP3: Extended, and how to make them operate with Workflows. This guide is for those of you that may have already seen and read through my first guide, which can be viewed here. If you have not reviewed that guide, I highly recommend giving it a read if you don't understand the basics of TRP3: Extended, or if you don't already have it installed. However, if you have already viewed that guide, have TRP3: Extended installed, and/or want to learn a few advanced techniques to make your items more epic than ever, then you've come to the right place. Today we'll be showing you how to create a "Random Card" in Extended using Workflows so that card can flip into one of five different rarities. If this is confusing right now, don't worry. Just read through these modules and watch the demonstration video at the end of this guide and you'll be making your own deck of cards or items in no time! Sound good? Then let's jump into it. 2. Jumping into Advanced Items In the previous guide, we used Create Item -> Blank Item to create a wearable Soldier's helmet for our character. However, we kept the item simple and didn't add much to it or really delve into the possibilities that the creator tool has to offer. If we look at the interface on a new item, there are two options within the Gameplay Attributes section that can give us more flexibility when wanting to customize our item with more features. The first option is to check the box that says "Container". You'll notice that next to "Main", the Container option is there. If we click that section, we'll see new features that allow us to put items inside of this main item, otherwise known as the "Root" or "Parent" item. This can be used to create anything ranging from a belt to a backpack, to a pistol or a rifle that uses an actual bullet item so that it can fire. For a brief example, I'll show you what a working pistol looks like created as a container item: Working Pistol Video If you would like to see an in-depth tutorial on how to create a working weapon, let me know and I'll create one as soon as I can! But, for now I'd like to move over to the bread and butter of most advanced items, and that is when the "Usable" option is toggled on. You'll notice that there is now a "Workflow" tab, as well as a box for you to input "usage text." You know, "Drink Me!" or "Read this!" Once you see that option, clicking the tab will bring you to a brand new blank menu that might leave you confused. But, don't worry. In the next module I'll explain exactly what you'll be doing inside of that Workflow section to take your items to the next level. Be sure to watch the short video I'll provide for you! 3. Workflows Now that you've selected the Workflow tab, you'll notice that it is entirely blank. If you followed along and created a "Blank Item" or normal item, then it will look like this: In which case, you'll only have to worry about one section to work with as opposed to several workflows at once. This is ideal for when you're practicing and learning how to make items work for the first time. You can see at the bottom that there is a "Add elements to workflow" option. This is where you can add things like effects, conditions and delays to your item in order for it to execute properly when you "Use" it. For the sake of demonstrating how this works, I've created a video that details an easy four step process on crafting a working Hearthstone. You can view that video here. Otherwise, I have one other treat for you today and that is the Random Card expert item. This is a lot more advanced and can be used to create not only this demonstrational item, but a deck of cards, tarot cards, or anything you'd like. You will find this video in the final module below. 4. Demo: Making a Card That Flips I hope you enjoy this demonstrational video and if you would like to see more guides in the future, do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will create any item I can to the best of my ability for you all to enjoy. I will also be working on Create Campaign guides so that you can make your own working quest system for your phase, which will take your RP to an entirely different level. But, for now sit back, relax, and enjoy. Thank you again for your interest in TRP3: Extended and I hope this guide was able to assist you in some way. Flipping_a_card_.mp4
  5. Boz's Comprehensive TRP3: Extended Beginner's Guide Hello Epsilonian, You've probably come across a TRP profile that has information that looks like this: If you have and you've asked yourself the question, "what is TRP3: Extended?" then you've come to the right place, because today I'm going to cover the basics of this engaging addon and why you should download it. Contents: What is Extended and why should I get it? Downloading TRP3: Extended The Basics of Extended Making Items with Extended Want to know more? Keep your eyes peeled! 1. What is Extended and why should I get it? Extended is an excellent addon that expands upon your TRP3 experience by adding the ability to create highly customizable items, quests and much more through an easy to learn user interface. Couple this with the fact that your creations can execute Epsilon commands to make a plethora of interactable items that use spells, play sounds or even teleport you to new locations and more, you are not limited by your imagination to make nearly anything possible in your Epsilon world. Do you want to make a sword that has a cool effect? Maybe you're not into combat and you want to make your own tailoring shop with custom wearable clothing, or perhaps you want to create a deck of cards or make your own in-depth campaign with functioning quests and amazing rewards. Well, with TRP3: Extended you can do all of this, because the possibilities are endless. As you continue to read on, I'll explain the basics of Extended and how to use the addon, but first we need to download the correct version. Let's go ahead and do that now. 2. Downloading TRP3: Extended To Download TRP3: Extended click on this link I've provided here: TRP3: Extended version We need that specific version because anything beyond patch 8.3.0 will not work properly. When Epsilon updates to future versions, we will be able to download the corresponding TRP3: Extended addon updates. For now, click on that link and it will bring you to the compatible version of the addon for Epsilon. When you have done so, your page should look something like this: Do not select the download button on the top right. This will download the wrong version of the addon. Instead, click the download button that I've highlighted for you in blue, as this is the one we are going to use. When you click the button it should start to download after five seconds. When you have downloaded the addon, it will be called "totalRP3_Extended-". We need to extract all of the contents inside this folder, and to do that we need a zip file manager. If you have Windows 10 or 11 it will automatically come with a native zip file manager. Just click the download file and you will see the contents of the zip folder. If you do not have Windows 10 or 11, then 7-Zip or WinZip are both great tools to use as alternatives (For the sake of this demonstration, I will be using my Windows 11 zip file manager). Opening the folder in your file manager, you will see three separate file folders. These should be called "totalRP3_Extended", "totalRP3_Extended_ImpExport" and "totalRP3_Extended_Tools". We need to take all three of these folders and copy them into our Epsilon8300 addons folder. We do this by going to Epsilon8300 > _retail_ > Interface > AddOns. Once we're where we need to be, all we have to do is paste the folders inside. Here is a brief example of how the process should look: And that's it! Our addon will work when we launch the game again. Now that we've installed TRP3: Extended, we're ready to delve into the next part; the basics. 3. The Basics of Extended Since we've installed Extended and we want to see it in action, let's launch our game and log into our character. The first thing you might notice is that your navigation bar has a few new options. Here is the original bar without Extended: And here it is with Extended: To add on, if you open your character sheet you might notice two more options there called "Inventory" and "Quest Log". Try not to worry about these for now because we'll go over them in a bit. Let's take a look at the options that were added on our navigation bar first. Going through each of them, we'll see that they are: Drop System - Which allows you to create a player made stash to store items that you have made with Extended and gives other players the option to "loot" them. You can also search for stashes made by other players this way. Sounds History - Which will show you a log of sounds that have played from player made items. If a sound is playing continuously and you want to stop it, click the "Stop All" button. You can also clear the log history by selecting "Clear." A faster alternative would be to right-click the icon itself to stop all sounds and music without having to open the log. Extended Objects Database - Which will open up to the heart of why we wanted to install TRP3: Extended. The database is where we can create our own items and campaigns, look at items that other players have made and traded with you, or look at some example items created by the TRP3 team themselves. We can also import items using this interface, but we'll talk more about that later. <Your Character Name>'s Inventory - Which will open up a bag specifically designed to hold your crafted items, or items traded to you by other players. Don't worry about running low on space either! This is just your default bag and you can make what's called a "container item", or in simpler terms; a backpack to store more valuables. Alternatively, if you right-click the icon it will open up your character's inventory like so: This will show you several empty square slots where you can add things like gear, bags and more to showcase to other players if they decide to inspect you. We'll get into an in-depth analysis of this feature later on. Quest Log - Which will open up your character sheet to the campaign section. Campaigns involve custom-tailored quests that any number of players can embark on and complete for rewards and other fun items. This is a bit more advanced and is something I will cover in another guide, so don't worry about the Quest Log or campaigns for now. More importantly, let's go back to the Extended Objects Database feature. Click on it. This window will open up and display several different options. Don't get overwhelmed at first glance, because I'm going to go over them all step-by-step starting with the databases at the top. "My database" is where all of your personal creations are going to show up. This is account wide, so no matter who you log into you'll be able to see all of your items inside of this database. You can even use the filters to make it easier to find specific items, including if they were made by another one of your characters. "Players database" is where the items shared or traded to you by other players will appear. From here you can view their creations, but you cannot edit them, as they are not yours. "Backers Database" is where the items created by kickstarters and the TRP3 team are stored. These are example items that you can look at in order to get a better idea of how to make your own items. I personally recommend referring to these when you get started so you have something to look back on when you get stuck or you need inspiration and ideas for your creations. The "Full Database" is self-explanatory and will list every item from each of these other databases. The credits are well... just credits. A pro tip I always have: The filter is your best friend. Trust me, before long you're going to realize you've created so many items that you can't find what you're looking for. Instead of scrolling down the list and squinting to find that one particular journal you made, use a filter instead! It's a life saver. Although, to create an item we need to know where to go, and that's where your "Actions" come into play. You see in this image above that there are four different actions to choose from. Our only focus in this guide is going to be the "Create item" action. We'll worry about the others in a different guide. Let's go ahead and select "Create item". A new window will pop up and it's going to look like this: We've got a few options to choose from here, but we only want to focus on one of them for now. Things like container item, create from..., expert item and document item are options we'll cover in another guide, but if you'd like to explore these options now on your own, be my guest! Getting a jumpstart is always a good idea. However, for the sake of this guide, let's take a look at the other two options. We can select "Quick creation" which will open up a basic template and allow us to make a standard item without putting much effort into it. You can do things like name the item, add tooltip text to identify what the item is (i.e a leather helmet, a two-handed sword, and so on), give the item a description, an icon, a rarity, attributes such as the item's worth in copper, silver or gold, and even how much the item weighs. From there, you can toggle on the "Wearable" option if you want to add your quick creation item onto your character in the inventory page. There is also an option at the top if you want to convert the item to "normal mode" which is what we're going to be doing for this demonstration. It gives us more creative flow and allows us to customize our items more personally. Just so we don't have to take that extra step of converting a quick creation item to normal mode, all we need to do is select the "Blank item" template instead. Let's go ahead and do that now as we move onto the meat and potatoes of our guide; making items with extended. 4. Making Items with Extended So, we've either converted a quick creation item to normal mode or selected a blank template and now we're met with a brand new window and a few more options. This is where the magic is going to happen. You'll notice that there are two sections for where we want to work; Display attributes and Gameplay attributes. In Display attributes you can implement all of the things I mentioned from the quick creation option prior to this chapter. There are a few additions to it that you might have noticed, such as "Crafting reagent flag", "quest flag", "crafted" and the free notes section at the bottom. This is what I was referring to when I said we could make the item more personal. On the right hand side of the page we can do a number of things that are self-explanatory. These include making the item Soulbound to our character, unique in that we can't make more than a specified number of this particular item; Stackable so that our bags do not get filled by the same item if we intend to add more than one, useable which makes it so we can run workflows (This is something I'll go over in another guide), wearable on the character, a container which allows us to store other items inside of this particular item, and preventing manual adding so the item cannot be added or looted to our inventory unless we use a workflow. For the purposes of demonstration, we are going to make a wearable item for our character. I've taken the liberty of creating a short video that showcases how we will go about doing this. You can watch that video here. In that video, we make a plate helmet for our character. We specify that our character crafted the helmet and that it is wearable. We also changed the sound it makes when dropped out of our bag or looted into our bag. Once we finished editing our item, we saved it and proceeded to put it into our character inventory and left it at that for now. This is just to show how creating an item works and how we can interact with it, but these are just the basics... There is so much more for you to experience with item creation, and these are things we will cover in our next guide. 5. Want to know more? Keep your eyes peeled! Now that you have an idea of how to create items you can explore the rest of what Extended has to offer on your own. Make more items, try out new features and see just how in-depth this addon gets. If you think after reading through this guide you're ready to take it to the next level and go over more advanced steps, then be on the lookout for another guide in the future that will cover expert item creation, workflows and much more!