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  1. 🔽 EXAMPLE IMAGES OF EPIC SETS 🔽 Download BOTH (footman1 AND footman2) patches to achieve both texture replacements and helmets. YOU CANNOT RUN ONE OR THE OTHER - DOWNLOAD /BOTH/ AND USE BOTH FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE!! Download BOTH (grunts1 + grunts2) patches to achieve both texture replacements and helmets. YOU CANNOT RUN ONE OR THE OTHER - DOWNLOAD /BOTH/ AND USE BOTH FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE!! Big thanks to @fish with broken dreams for the hard work of this stunning patch! any problems / questions report to droid#3449 footman2.zip footman1.zip grunts2.zip grunts1.zip
  2. just checked on all 3 of my installs, they're not bugged for me it'd seem i highly encourage other people to speak up if they're having the same issues @droid#3449 unfortunately, female humans don't actually have a variant to replace/edit with (so thats why its invisible when u try it on human female models) so i can't do anything about it however, both genders of kul'tirans have been added in the new zip! new helmet here! droidmorionbevor replacing a WOD plate helm! (replaces this helmet)
  3. I just checked, there is a patch.json included in the folder if not, try redownloading, and if a patch.json doesn’t appear for you then go to the epsilon launcher -> patches -> patch creator (beta) and just add the folder. It’ll generate a new folder with patch.json that’s set up for all the weapons and you can just activate the patch to play any further issues then contact droid#3449 polearms update is coming to fix the textures on the bill to make it a bit nicer in appearance + other small changes (such as a more voulge-looking voulge) sword patch incoming too
  4. hey, so mods require a patch.json file in order to be drag-and-drop (into Patches folder)-and-play from the get-go so if u want to download the exile's reach, i've included a patch.json in it already, download it and drag-and-drop into the Patches folder, and activate it with your epsilon launcher via Patch (button on the right hand side above LAUNCH. just tick it ad it should activate if you want my polearms, download the zip and put the folder likewise into Patches, but since it's missing a patch.json (which i unfortunately forgot) get the .json i attached, , rename it to "patch.json" and put it into the polearm folder EDIT: NOW HAS THE PATCH.JSON AS PART OF THE POLEARMS ZIP! just slap the folder into Patches and activate it with the launcher!
  5. Quick notes: bow string is incorrectly placed/floating 1h_sword_goblin_b_01 has been fixed! special thanks to @Voyagerfor all the hard work! go and support his patch commissions for cool content
  6. 'Improved' helmets + new JustChainmail ™ in the NEW SECTION! Feedback and suggestions welcome in the comments! feel free to reach out to me on discord droid#3449 if any questions or issues droidexilevoyagerfix.zip droid1handerswords1.zip droidpolearms2.zip droidbackpackshield1alliance.zip 2backpacksilverhandsilver.zip 2backpacksilverhandgold.zip droidsalletDEFAULT.zip droidsalletBURGUNDIAN.zip droid3xmaille.zip droidbetterkettle.zip droidFKhelmsNoSpike.zip droidmorionbevor.zip replace 7th 1hsword overwrite.rar