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Found 5 results

  1. Patch automatic install installation: 1. Download .zip (only works with .zip) 2. Go to Epsilon Launcher via Patches, -> bottom left click 'add' and navigate to the .zip 3. It should install automatically to Retail/Patches. If not, refer to manually installing No work? Try the manual installation method: 1. Download .zip or .rar and open it 2. Navigate to Retail/Patches, put the archive file's folder inside (if loose files, make a folder, name it anything and put all loose files in there) 3. Activate it on Epsilon Launcher via Patches -> click on the box ? EXAMPLE IMAGES OF EPIC SETS ? Download BOTH (footman1 AND footman2) patches to achieve both texture replacements and helmets. YOU CANNOT RUN ONE OR THE OTHER - DOWNLOAD /BOTH/ AND USE BOTH FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE!! Download BOTH (grunts1 + grunts2) patches to achieve both texture replacements and helmets. YOU CANNOT RUN ONE OR THE OTHER - DOWNLOAD /BOTH/ AND USE BOTH FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE!! Big thanks to @fish with broken dreams for the hard work of this stunning patch! any problems / questions report to droid#3449 footman2.zip footman1.zip grunts2.zip grunts1.zip
  2. Hello! First time posting here, buuut! So this is just a small list of things I wish there was for customization! I think I can say with a bit of confidence is that a lot of people would love (me included!) Zandalari trolls to have the skins and customizations of the base Trolls, so that people can choose between having a straight back or slouching, muscular or lean. Not sure if others agree but I would love also that Orcs could have the pale skins from the Shattered Hand of Warlords of Draenor expansion. And additionally, would love if there was a way to add the "Fresh Skin" customization from SL to Forsaken! And hopefully eye colors. Aside from that, would love to have the other customizations from Shadowlands in the game for the other Allied Races and Pandaren! Oh and one final note, red panda tails for male Pandaren would be great! Much like their female counterparts.
  3. i'm completely new to the server and I was wondering if anyone did or can make a Black Worgen Fur color? nothing too complex, just some neat black fur. cuz it's an option i have never seen for the Worgen (at least since BFA) and I know there's a sorta timberwolf-like fur pattern for the worgen in shadowlands (and it's cool) but I just want a nice Black fur color! please and thank you!
  4. This patch replaces the solid black haircolor that Lightforged Draenei have with instead a usable black hair texture. It isn't perfect, but it seems to work just fine. To install, simply drag and drop the Character folder into the directory of Epsilon WoW (The same folder the EpsilonWoW.exe is in) DOWNLOAD
  5. So the other day I was browsing through the internet, just scrolling through google images as I do when I stumbled across a few pieces of elf fan art. The following are concepts I and I think many others would live to see made patched. Exibit A: Black Elves https://imgur.com/a/enRAnPt https://imgur.com/a/XXhSftX These days it seems we all hate white people, so what better way to express our hate than by giving the single whitest race the option for a darker skin tone. Exibit B: Tattoo’dorei https://imgur.com/a/flPIzIr https://imgur.com/a/lIcVVwn https://imgur.com/a/TDUL4Bn I think a lot of people would enjoy dawning the fancy blue markings of a true high elf just like Alleria does. My suggestion is you would replace the textures for the old Burning Crusade demon hunter tattoo shirts (Since nobody uses these anymore) with high elf style tattoos. (A blood elf option would also be nice.) Then again I don’t know how you patch makers make this stuff work. Exibit ? Elven Face Markings https://imgur.com/a/6BF1kFE I know you saw a little of this in Exibit B but I think these should be separate, maybe you could connect these to the piercings tab in the character customization screen? Exibit ? Void Elf Improvements https://imgur.com/a/lLE9l8j When Blizzard released void elves I was... Unsatisfied, I believe a change in appearance as shown in the picture above would give them a little pizazz. All of these are but suggestions, but to see these photos used as inspiration for an awesome texture edit would be a welcomed addition to any elf player’s arsenal.