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  1. KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS... A hundred thousand coals burn beneath the weathered soles of your boots. The sun’s glaze upon you a burden far too encumbering, threatening to buckle your knees and drag you to the ground under the weight of its loathsome glare. The breath of the desert has invaded you; your clothes, your shoes, nose, eyes, ears and mouth— Its feeling against your skin a goading itch crawling viciously between each aching appendage, and its taste on your tongue despoils every breath you labor. The dunes howl in outrage at your trespass, venomous scorpids stir beneath the sands in anticipation to emerge their stingers, and the thrumming of a million wings swarm maliciously about their distant hives. The message has never been clearer: This land hates you. You do not belong in this place. ...And yet, you persevere. With a swish from a threateningly light canteen, an unseen hand pulls you up from your stagger, straightens your feet, and, just for a moment, you see the sand clear. The mirage that had choked you for miles dispels. Your destination opens its arms to embrace you from across the last stretch and offers you asylum from the desert’s contempt for life. Determined to endure, determined to survive, you harden yourself for the journey’s remainder and take your next step. HEAT OF THE DESERT ~ A TANARIS PHASE BY CINDY & CO. ~ WHAT THIS PHASE OFFERS: A fully reimagined Tanaris zone, updated to the modern standards of World of Warcraft zones and adjusted to the changes of both the world and the Tanaris Desert since the events of quests during Cataclysm. An expanded Gadgetzan with various districts to reflect its status as the capitol of the Steamwheedle Cartel. An entirely remade Zul'Farrak. A port established on shores of Land's End Beach after the Southsea Pirates' defeat at Lost Rigger Cove. Over 30 individual hosts with their own focuses on a variety of different factions and storylines. A public RP experience with scheduled days of hosting, as well as a private guild for those who wish to participate in the phase's original RPG system based loosely on WC3. WHO'S INVITED? Due to the location of the phase, we are willing to be a bit more lenient/fast & loose on exotic characters within the phase. However, some exotics are beholden to additional rules or are outright disallowed. The following characters are entirely disallowed:  Child characters Characters from outside Warcraft Lore characters, both high and low-end Creatures/beings from the Shadowlands Highly localized creatures/beings that would otherwise not be found outside their territory (Nerubians/Mantid, beings exclusively seen on Outland, etc.) Obscenely large creatures Titanforged constructs Overpowered, god-like or boss-type characters Liches/Val'kyr Qiraji The following characters are allowed, but are considered hostile by ALL settlements/NPCs: Scourge undead (San'layn, etc.) Naga Void entities (Void elves nonabiding) Neferset Tol'vir The following characters are allowed, but are beholden to special rules: Dragons/Demons Allowed, but must retain their disguises lest they be regarded as hostile. Dragon/unbound demon characters that become revealed will automatically be subject to an in-character bounty to slay them and NPCs constantly pursuing them. To avoid metagame, we highly encourage (but not enforce) these players to conceal this information both IC and OOC to limit potential issues. Do note however that the rule regarding "overpowered, god-like or boss-type characters" still applies to dragons/demons, and that such characters should take heed to not place themselves so far above other characters in power. Demons bound by an accompanying warlock are allowed within Gadgetzan and Land's End Port without consequence. Sandfury Tribe Allowed, but are seen as hostile by all settlements aside from Zul'Farrak. (Note: This only refers to sand trolls who are actively apart of the Sandfury Tribe. Non-affiliated sand trolls are not bound to this rule.) Void/Twilight Cultists Allowed, but are seen as hostile by all settlements. They are however welcome within both Qiraji hive clusters. Timewalkers/Bronze Dragonsworn Allowed, but are asked to keep their affiliation a secret in-character due to the hostile nature of the Bronze Dragonflight towards the rest of the denizens of Tanaris. (As with dragons/demons, keep it secret OOC is highly encouraged/suggested, but is not required.) Warlocks, Shadowcasters, Necromancers, Demon Hunters & Death Knights Allowed, but should be wary of callous displays of their power/craft in certain settlements. Overuse or blatant shows of force may cause unrest and could result in consequences. WHEN IS IT OPENING? In due time. The phase has reached approx. 90% completion, and we are working hard to finish the last few pieces. We hope to have the project complete and ready soon.