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  1. At present, there is no means to reset creature types once assigning one unless you change it to something else. It would be helpful to be able to remove the creature type entirely without having to recreate the whole NPC.
  2. In a lot of cases, especially for common .m2's like chairs or crates, the .lookup list can be bloated and spammed by duplicate listings. It would be nice if there was a way to omit these duplicates, perhaps in the same fashion that it can omit tiles with .toggle splitlookupobjects
  3. begins banging on the minecraft jail doors
  4. TW: Holy body horror, Batman! Expeditions from around Azeroth are sent to meet the resurgence of the Scourge amid Shadowlands pre-patch. This expedition, sent forth from Dalaran, has traveled to Kalimdor to defend the world tree at Mount Hyjal. Among their ranks is an undead paladin by the name of Abrethana, who has ventured ahead of her party to scout for dangers. Gaelindra’s infrequent nickering accompanied the gaunt horse’s trotting atop the elfwood road, though its sound had become more akin to a wicked bone-rattle as the equine’s skull had gradually emerged from its flesh over the years of its unlife. Her rider too bore the wears of decomposition and rot; a feature veiled by the paladin’s own hood and plate. It was difficult enough to evangelize straying souls to the comfort of the Light without being an eyeless, ravenous ghoul whose teeth had sharpened upon splintered femurs. Ironically, Abrethana’s monstrous visage was not an outlier in the demon-soured Felwood. She had rode ahead of her expedition in the interest of surveying a path forward to the frosted summit of Winterspring, scouting and surveying the lay of the land to then be returned to her fellowship and inform them of the shape of their journey to come. Just the evening prior, Abrethana had brokered safe passage for her company from one of the many satyr tribes who inhabit the valley, a deal that had shaved a notable hardship from their trek but left countless others, including the anxiety of possibly impending betrayal should the trickster-blooded satyr choose to dishonor the previously held agreement. No one could argue, however, that the possibility of safe passage was at least a step up from the prior arrangement of guaranteed strife. Though the paladin’s warhammer remained strapped to Gaelindra’s side, Abrethana kept a blade just within reach while passing beneath the light of fel-fire. Previously, she relied on the scrutiny of the Night Elves spying upon her from their canopies to watch her back, but she had long since passed the threshold from Ashenvale into the Betrayer’s Mark. She fed upon the aromas of the wilderness, tasted the scent of demons and their consequent rituals, sacrifices and theatrics abound beyond the dim-lit road. In lieu of her eyes, which rotted away years ago, she made use of her heightened, ghoulish senses to lead her. And lead her they did, through the thick of the wood and a few scraps along the way. Her arrival back to camp was signaled by the unmistakable sounds of Gaelindra; the horse and its rider each speckled in blood from demons and the damned alike. Abrethana had become accustomed to inhospitable welcomes and homecomings. Such was a matter of when and not if for that of the Forsaken. Even so, she met their discomforts with hearty hello’s and carried herself by her own knightly virtues. Her silhouette, cloaked by the wretched canopy obscuring day and night alike, was still faintly illuminated by the orb of fire that she had bound to her weapon. Whenever she had read from her holy text and filled her maggot-nested body with flickering, momentary life, the orb even granted the paladin a sense of warmth to combat the bitter chills of the mountain breeze. It was these brief moments that reminded Abrethana of what little humanity she still possesses. Through the pain and discomfort of feeling every rotting sensation across her body, she reaffirms her constitution and remembers what it is that she’s fighting for. The memory of an autumn sun glazing the hills of Tirisfal in orange-gold. The memory of dandelions floating atop a noon wind in the monastery courtyard. The warmth of another’s hand, the comfort of meeting another’s eye. The tickle of one’s breath as you witness the first glimpses of a smile break out from one’s face. The softness of watching children run through a summer’s field. Abrethana had lost much to decay and the Scourge, but buried down, deep within the depths of the heart of a heartless vessel, a picturesque reminiscence of Lordaeron remained unscathed by the plague or its malice. Through it, the memory of how much she loved life bathed her soul in determination and hope. The faithful adherent to the Light that was the Sister Abrethana of Vandermar clung to that memory through the darkness of death, not unlike a storm parting at dawn’s break. If it was the last thing she did in this world, she would defend life, until the heavens themselves parted to finally banish her spirit unto the realm of the damned. For those who still yet live. For those who are yet to live.
  5. Added stuff in regards to the .phase shift area vis / .phase shift zone vis command.
  6. PHASE OPTIMIZATION You have just finished building your phase. NPCs, roleplay areas, fine details, lighting and all. Whether it took you days, weeks, months or more, you feel a certain satisfaction in a job well done, and you are preparing to unleash your build. However, you find that in your quest to manifest the perfect fantasy world, tavern or island, you have also created an environment that is conducive to severe frame loss, and the accessibility to your build is therein stunted by performance issues. How might you resolve this issue, might you ask? Don't worry, you won't need to shave off any of the hard work you've committed to your project by deleting anything. Let's talk optimization. In source games such as Counter-Strike, Half-Life or Team Fortress 2, "areaportals" are a way for the game to remove certain areas or objects from rendering when they are no longer able to be perceived. However, since World of Warcraft's engine and consequently Epsilon does not share this feature, your game is currently rendering everything within a set radius. Throughout the course of this guide, you will be able to emulate the function of areaportals to allow players in your phase to perceive what you want them to perceive, while leaving things that they cannot see from the spot they are currently standing in to go unrendered until they approach, causing your phase to be much more easily accessible to others throught a variety of hardware specs. The Commands The following will go into detail on how to to optimize your phase for better performance via a series of three commands: .gob set vis $visibility, .gob mass vis $visibility $entryID $radius, and .phase shift $zone/area vis $ultralow/low/med/high .gob set vis $visibility is our individual visibility command. It affects nothing but the gobject you have currently selected with .gobject select (or .gob sel). The $visibility variable is measured in in-game units, which you can measure for yourself by using .gps $direction (forward/back/left/right) $units. .gob mass vis $visibility $entryID $radius is the mass variant of the above. The first of the two new variables, $entryID, is a string used to identify a particular gobject (as opposed to GUID, which identifies a specific instance of an object in your phase) and you can acquire a gobject's entryID via selecting it and clicking "Copy Entry" from the textbox. The second variable, $radius, determines in what radius around you will this apply to objects that fit the criteria of your $entryID variable. The $radius is also measured by in-game units. In each of these commands, for each variable, if you use "-1" in place of a normal input, the command will translate that to infinite or all available targets. For instance, a -1 $visibility will make your object be visible from as far as the game engine will allow, a -1 $entryID will cause the gob mass vis command to target all objects within the specified $radius, and a -1 $radius will affect all objects on the map within the specified parameters of the $entryID variable. Suffice to say, this feature should be strictly used in moderation. The last command, .phase shift $zone/area vis $ultralow/low/med/high is a command that will modify the render distance of players within said zone. You can use this in conjunction with the above to adjust visibility on an area or zone basis to allow easier navigation in high gobject density areas of your phases. Visibility Priority So, what objects should receive -1 visibility? Landmarks: Discernable, unique objects that mark the area and can be seen from afar. A notable example of such an object might be the Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan, or the world tree Nordrassil at Mount Hyjal. Buildings and structures, as they are just as important to see from afar. Water tiles. Terrain objects, such as Epsilon rock arches. Trees, depending on the density of your location. If your build features a sparse amount of trees with very few dotted along the landscape, having a -1 visibility on trees would be beneficial. If your trees are densely packed together, you may find that it would be wise to keep them only within a certain range of visibility to draw in the illusion of a dense forest without having to render in the forest entire. Once the -1 visibilities are out of the way, we can move on to the rest of the objects, which should be at your discretion. Keep in mind the comparison to areaportals above, in that you should decide object's visibility via the maximum distance that such an object could be perceived. In terms of objects spawned en mass, like foliage, rocks and such, the .gob mass vis command will come in handy and allow you to discern the visibility of these objects in specified areas or throught your entire phase with ease. Objects in buildings, as you might guess, should be limited to a visibility that would allow them to be seen from every corner of the rooms they are in, but no further for maximum optimization. Should you follow the instructions of this guide, I am certain you will find your phase to be far more accessible with far fewer performance issues when navigating your build. ?
  7. Please Follow the Bug Reporting Format, Razmataz. this is a joke please don't smite me
  8. While the last one might be complex due to engine limitations, the first two would be extremely handy in certain scenarios.
  9. KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS... A hundred thousand coals burn beneath the weathered soles of your boots. The sun’s glaze upon you a burden far too encumbering, threatening to buckle your knees and drag you to the ground under the weight of its loathsome glare. The breath of the desert has invaded you; your clothes, your shoes, nose, eyes, ears and mouth— Its feeling against your skin a goading itch crawling viciously between each aching appendage, and its taste on your tongue despoils every breath you labor. The dunes howl in outrage at your trespass, venomous scorpids stir beneath the sands in anticipation to emerge their stingers, and the thrumming of a million wings swarm maliciously about their distant hives. The message has never been clearer: This land hates you. You do not belong in this place. ...And yet, you persevere. With a swish from a threateningly light canteen, an unseen hand pulls you up from your stagger, straightens your feet, and, just for a moment, you see the sand clear. The mirage that had choked you for miles dispels. Your destination opens its arms to embrace you from across the last stretch and offers you asylum from the desert’s contempt for life. Determined to endure, determined to survive, you harden yourself for the journey’s remainder and take your next step. HEAT OF THE DESERT ~ A TANARIS PHASE BY CINDY & CO. ~ WHAT THIS PHASE OFFERS: A fully reimagined Tanaris zone, updated to the modern standards of World of Warcraft zones and adjusted to the changes of both the world and the Tanaris Desert since the events of quests during Cataclysm. An expanded Gadgetzan with various districts to reflect its status as the capitol of the Steamwheedle Cartel. An entirely remade Zul'Farrak. A port established on shores of Land's End Beach after the Southsea Pirates' defeat at Lost Rigger Cove. Over 30 individual hosts with their own focuses on a variety of different factions and storylines. A public RP experience with scheduled days of hosting, as well as a private guild for those who wish to participate in the phase's original RPG system based loosely on WC3. WHO'S INVITED? Due to the location of the phase, we are willing to be a bit more lenient/fast & loose on exotic characters within the phase. However, some exotics are beholden to additional rules or are outright disallowed. The following characters are entirely disallowed:  Child characters Characters from outside Warcraft Lore characters, both high and low-end Creatures/beings from the Shadowlands Highly localized creatures/beings that would otherwise not be found outside their territory (Nerubians/Mantid, beings exclusively seen on Outland, etc.) Obscenely large creatures Titanforged constructs Overpowered, god-like or boss-type characters Liches/Val'kyr Qiraji The following characters are allowed, but are considered hostile by ALL settlements/NPCs: Scourge undead (San'layn, etc.) Naga Void entities (Void elves nonabiding) Neferset Tol'vir The following characters are allowed, but are beholden to special rules: Dragons/Demons Allowed, but must retain their disguises lest they be regarded as hostile. Dragon/unbound demon characters that become revealed will automatically be subject to an in-character bounty to slay them and NPCs constantly pursuing them. To avoid metagame, we highly encourage (but not enforce) these players to conceal this information both IC and OOC to limit potential issues. Do note however that the rule regarding "overpowered, god-like or boss-type characters" still applies to dragons/demons, and that such characters should take heed to not place themselves so far above other characters in power. Demons bound by an accompanying warlock are allowed within Gadgetzan and Land's End Port without consequence. Sandfury Tribe Allowed, but are seen as hostile by all settlements aside from Zul'Farrak. (Note: This only refers to sand trolls who are actively apart of the Sandfury Tribe. Non-affiliated sand trolls are not bound to this rule.) Void/Twilight Cultists Allowed, but are seen as hostile by all settlements. They are however welcome within both Qiraji hive clusters. Timewalkers/Bronze Dragonsworn Allowed, but are asked to keep their affiliation a secret in-character due to the hostile nature of the Bronze Dragonflight towards the rest of the denizens of Tanaris. (As with dragons/demons, keep it secret OOC is highly encouraged/suggested, but is not required.) Warlocks, Shadowcasters, Necromancers, Demon Hunters & Death Knights Allowed, but should be wary of callous displays of their power/craft in certain settlements. Overuse or blatant shows of force may cause unrest and could result in consequences. WHEN IS IT OPENING? In due time. The phase has reached approx. 90% completion, and we are working hard to finish the last few pieces. We hope to have the project complete and ready soon.
  10. Wouldn't that just simply be reverted via doing .gob mass sc 1 $entryID $radius and starting from scratch?
  11. A variant of .doodad mass import that allows you to import all gobs of the specified entryID within a given radius. Though, given that the $entryID value could be set to -1, this could outright replace .doodad mass import
  12. A channel not unlike our current #roleplay-ads, but instead catered towards individual roleplayers who are looking for roleplay for their character(s). This would be servicable towards people who're looking for one-on-one connections or to be swooped up by guildmasters/phase owners looking to pick up fresh blood for their respective projects.