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  1. In recent months, the Scourge dwelling within the twisted and defiled forests to the north have become boldened in their onslaught against the holdouts of these lands, and those neighboring it. The Argent Dawn has taken in any capable and willing to fight the undead menace, and it is by their conviction that an expedition to Hearthglen must now return back to Light's Hope Chapel and rejoin the main forces of their order. A pre-Wrath of the Lich King, classic-styled adventure/dark fantasy Argent Dawn guild set in the Plaguelands of Lordaeron. Hosted by @cindy and @Erkor This guild will be focusing on the dark fantasy side of the Warcraft setting, and as such, characters participating may experience death along the way. The first several events are already in order, with events beyond that depending entirely upon the direction of the guild upon arriving at that point. This is not us saying that we will eliminate your character/participation in the guild off the bat; we are hoping to develop the relationship that each of the participating characters have over the course of their time in the Plaguelands and such have a vested interest in respecting the time of the roleplayers involved. This guild will also involve the occasional out-of-Epsilon engagement, such as writing in-character letters back to your character's relatives, friends and family, and will often be angled at enriching the camaraderie between all of the characters of the party during their venture into Azeroth's darkest recesses at the heart of the Scourge's evil in the Eastern Kingdoms. Worgen, Goblins, Pandaren, allied races introduced in Battle for Azeroth (with reasonable exceptions, ie. Kul Tirans) as well as Warlocks, Death Knights, Monks and Demon Hunters are not permitted to participate. Participants will also be asked to wear appropriate garb to their characters pending on their class/role; we intend to maintain a classic/early WoW feel to outfits throughout the adventure. DSICROD link 4 moar
  2. cindy


    Also would like to add that if you have a Dark Iron character and you want the <Dark Iron Clan> tag underneath your character's name, I'm happy to invite you even if you don't want to partake in the guild/phase. I don't want to reserve the tag of a very prominent canon faction just to my guild.
  3. (Screenshot credit: https://www.deviantart.com/steelbella) ~ SHADOWFORGE CITY ~ A public phase by @cindy & @Erkor CITY PHASE NUMBER: 51783 (Alliance & Neutral only) TAVERN SUB-PHASE NUMBER (made by @Krilari): 53231 (Alliance, Horde & Neutral) Few places in Azeroth have been the site of as many bloody conflicts, vile lairs and dark schemes as the molten pinnacle of Khaz Modan: Blackrock Mountain. The Dwarves that call this volcanic realm their home- the Dark Iron Clan, have recently rejoined their Bronzebeard and Wildhammer kin under the banner of the Grand Alliance of Azeroth. With this unification, the growing pains have become evident in the very heart of their society. The clan's capital, Shadowforge City, has opened itself up to travelers and members of the Alliance, while also leaving the famed Grim Guzzler Tavern accessible to the members of the Horde as a neutral hub within the recently aligned Alliance city. Since the unification, however, the city has become a political battlefield between the fundementalist Dragonsteel, who seek to preserve the old, isolationist ways of the clan, and the Darkvein, who wish to shed the shame of their past sins and bring the clan into a new age free of the turmoil that Sorceror-Thane Thaurissan set upon his people generations ago. But these disputes will not remain confined to the halls of the Shadowforge Senate for long. Tensions are rising in the stone halls of Shadowforge, and with the Queen Regent indisposed on business with the Council of Three Hammers, leadership has fallen unto Consul Ormin Vandelarg to direct both the senate and the clan- a voice that is quickly losing influence as the civil conflict evolves into a more delicate situation by the day. There are sights to be seen, tankards to be raised, experiences to be had, and fates to determine. What will your character find in Shadowforge City? Shadowforge City is set in the heart of the Dark Iron clan's territory. This includes the city itself, the many caverns within the mountain, and the adjacent provinces of the Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. Our goal is to provide a lore-rich, grounded Warcraft experience that honors the material it is based off of. While the phase itself is public, there is also story-focused experience for those willing to participate. You can find the phase's rules, as well as announcements regarding the phase's events, story and development in our discord: https://discord.gg/S4EkGj8w7e
  4. i see the milkloc has migrated from eyes of the betrayer good guide friend