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  1. QuickPhase Intro QuickPhase is an addon that adds in new buttons for phase management to the right-click context menu on player's under a new ConvenientCommands section, either from Right-Clicking their name in Chat, or Right-Clicking their character portrait if you have them selected. These buttons allow you to access the new Mod UI, for kicking / listing players from a phase with a reason (whispers them the reason, with option to send it to Phase Announce also), or simply quickly kick / list them. Also includes the ability to manage their Member / Officer permissions from the right click menu. ModUI: Features Adds a new Subsection into the UnitPopupMenu / UIDropDownMenu (The Menu when you right-click someone's name in chat, or their portrait after selecting them) Adds "Phase Mod" button (Click it or the sub-menu button 'Mod UI' to open the ModUI for kicking with reason) Includes Sub-Buttons for Mod UI (see more on this a few lines down), Instant-Kick, Blacklist, Whitelist, and Unlists. Adds "Phase Member" list, with the following Sub-Buttons: Add Member, Remove Member, Promote, Demote An easy to use UI that allows kicking with a provided reason. Player Name is auto-filled as the name of the right-clicked person. Reason can be set to anything, and will automatically be whispered to the person to inform them (Kick using the "Kick" button in right-click to not whisper/provide reason or announce it). Optional "Announce" checkbox (default: on) that will send the name and reason of the kick/list to Phase Announce as well. Fully Compatible with QuickApp Download https://github.com/MindScape00/QuickPhase/archive/refs/tags/v6.1.0.zip Installation Download the .7z above, open it with 7Zip (Recommended) or any other archive program that supports the format. Drag the "QuickPhase" folder to your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/ folder. Launch the game, and login. In bottom left of Character Select, click "Addons" and then ensure QuickPhase is enabled. Changes v6.1.0 (March 21, 2021) Refactored to use new UnitPopupMenu dynamic creation style Removed "ConvenientCommands" section and inserted "QuickPhase" section just above 'Other Options' instead. Fixed Spaced Name Whispering Removed "ConvenientCommands" branding Previous: Known Issues: Focus Target gets tainted on the right-click menu, as it's a secure function, blocking it's usage. Literally not able to fix this right now as Blizzard is retarded. Credits & Permissions Made by MindScape for EpsilonWoW - Thanks to Chase for the idea of the entire subsection to group the buttons under, instead of just adding it near 'Whisper' You may not re-upload, re-host, or host the addon, in partial or entirety, on any other forums or sites without written express permission.