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Have you ever wanted to get into WoW modding but you haven't a clue how? Are you already a modder and you're looking for others to share content with? Aspiring modder but faced an obstacle you can't get past and need help with?
I've gone ahead and started a modding server on Discord. You're welcome to join whether it's for instructing someone in the respective text/voice channel, reading up on existing methods (making HotS models work in-game, converting .sfm models), asking for help or simply sharing/showing off your work.

There is also a seperate resources channel for people to post links to for known websites with models or model packs up for download. Ontop of that, a conversion channel for when you have a model from another patch that you want on retail and needs converting and vice versa. Someone will teach/help you out. 

If you don't look to become a modder at all and simply want to see content, there is a lobbyist role just for that. You can sit back and enjoy the show.


There are a few simple rules I'd like you to give a quick read upon entering. That's all there is to it!

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