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Epsi Patch Request: Recoloring the Garrison tower posts, towers, trading posts, etc.

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Title explains all. I'll even link to the objects!

227673 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v1.wmo] [Spawn]
830319 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v3.wmo] [Spawn]
830291 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v0.wmo] [Spawn]
830212 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v2.wmo] [Spawn]

834098 - [6as_alliance_tower.wmo] [Spawn]

846818 - [emptywmo_6hu_garrison_tower_v3.wmo] [Spawn]

833711 - [6hu_garrison_towerpost_v3.wmo] [Spawn]
833713 - [6hu_garrison_towerpost_v2.wmo] [Spawn]

834271 - [6hu_stable_v3.wmo] [Spawn]
834269 - [6hu_stable_v1.wmo] [Spawn]
834270 - [6hu_stable_v2.wmo] [Spawn]

830179 - [6hu_garrison_stable_v3.wmo] [Spawn]
830178 - [6hu_garrison_stable_v2.wmo] [Spawn]

833811 - [6hu_garrison_belltower.wmo] [Spawn]


So the request here is, like how you did with the Gilnean recolors..


Simply put the recolored roofs on these objects (or make 'em) and add varieties for Lordaeron, Stromgarde, Kul Tiras, Alterac, brown Gilneas, Dalaran, etc.

...Also can we have a regular roofed version of the MagicTower_v2, Inn_v2, and Townhall_V1? o:


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