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  1. Is your Epsilon folder read-only? Do you have admin privileges?
  2. Ok so, did you resolve this?
  3. This is coming in an update in the near future.
  4. They're working on this, as well as most of the other unfinished ones. It will most likely come in the next content update patch.
  5. That's a Magician-related bug. You need to get in touch with the add-on's developer.
  6. No, just the appointed project members would moderate and DM it. If you're talking about Chronicle, jeez, that's been dead for like 8 years.
  7. Unfortunately this bug seems to be common and I think people use MogIt to bypass it. As for the grey bug, it's been around since Cataclysm if I recall correctly, it's to do with unequipping items without dragging them into your backpack slots directly.
  8. not yet I don't think. I am not sure if even using .phase shift map would allow you to replace all the adts with doodadless ones.
  9. I wouldn't say this would be ready for implementation just yet, but I've been thinking about this for a while. Believably there is still a considerable amount of features that need to be developed and implemented into Apertus before this realm could ever be a possibility. What if there were a separate realm from Apertus, which was more of a focused experience? The basic premise of the realm being that dedicated teams develop open world phases and campaigns that are then playable by the general public. There would only be one campaign active at a time on the whole realm which the entire population would focus on. The general public would not have access to most commands and would instead play the game as we would on retail, except with a focus on roleplay and guild interactions. Hosts would develop a storyline and allow players to participate within a restricted, more linear framework than what we are used to. Various teams of chosen people could be picked to develop a massive "phase" in the secondary realm, and a server-wide sponsored event would be hosted and the realm brought up for the public to partake in. Think of it as a massive developer team-backed phase with RPG, profession and guild systems the likes of which have never been done before. Massive teams of passionate DMs to keep the world always vibrant and alive, even if the "phase" were the size of the Barrens and nearby zones only. Once individual projects are finished, the next campaign is brought live for everyone to enjoy. People would be able to work on these campaigns on Apertus and then adapt them on the new realm.
  10. I noticed putting .gobj overlay over eps_7dl m2s causes them to revert to their original texture.
  11. supersick, wonder when this'll release
  12. Why does it have to be main phase? Why can't you just make it a normal phase? Isn't that the whole point of this server?
  13. Rabbit


    pm epsilon chatbox with it
  14. Rabbit

    old azeroth

    not sure if the stormwind collision bug is a thing on the 1.13.2 model. might have to give it a try.