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  1. hi ikagos see you ingame ❤️
  2. Name: - James CassingroveRace: - HumanProfession: - WeaponsmithDesired Class: - Warden Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):- James Cassingrove - once one of the most promising young blacksmiths in Stormwind. Abandoned at birth by his irresponsible mother, James was found and adopted by a family of Bronzebeard dwarves and was raised in Menethil Harbor. The young Cassingrove sought to make a name for himself. Following the steps of his everloving adoptive father Mogi, a blacksmith, James travelled through Khaz Modan in his teenage years learning the craft and studying the Eastern Kingdoms' native ores and minerals, with the advantage of fluency in Dwarvish taught to him by his mother. He met with renowned artisans and ambitious journeymen who taught him the profession inside out throughout the years, allowing him to settle in Stormwind and estabilish himself as a respectable weaponsmith. After the events of the Cataclysm, James returned to Menethil Harbor only to find his childhood home ravaged by disaster, with none of his family members to be found. Desperate and wayless, James quickly became an alcoholic and fell into depression. Surviving on his craft and heavy liquor, his face quickly spread amongst posters and warning signs around the Wetlands, where he made a home for himself plundering and assaulting caravans with his intricate traps and mechanisms. In a chaotic search for purpose, James Cassingrove stumbles upon an unexpected fate.. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:- Although James used to be a mild mannered and rational young man, his mental health has gone downhill after the events of the Cataclysm. He has become a bitter, cynical and scheming drunkard, as he seeks to find someone or something to blame for his family's disappearance. He is grumpy, unsettled and impatient. How much time can you commit to the campaign?- I work 12 hour days on a fixed pattern so I have free whole days to spend. I work Saturday and Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday, with four days off in between each cycle. I will have a week of holiday starting on the 20th April, so I will be able to participate in the first event for sure. What time zone are you based in?- UK Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Yes, as long as it is not something stupid like getting crushed by a free falling boulder, I'd like for it to be somewhat meaningful and related to the character's struggling search for self-purpose.
  3. Sadly the Forsaken stuff ruins everything. Plus, Hillsbrad is completely ravaged (see Southshore and Hillsbrad Fields) and so are the Eastern Plaguelands. I know Azarchius can make the texture fixes in 8.3 so we'll see to that.
  4. Hi Epsilon, I've always wanted to roleplay in the Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 settings in World of Warcraft. That is why I'm making this post. Some of you might have seen certain videos of projects that most likely - like many before - will never see the light of day. Considering the powerful tools that Epsilon has (and the many more that can be developed), I'm sure that we can achieve that same thing in-game. How could we achieve this? Well, I had planned to make a patch that would replace textures all over the Eastern Kingdoms zones and using the phase shifting functionality I would have recreated all of it to its previous state in history. I planned to re-enact the Second War, and then continue the roleplay into the Third War where we see the fall of Lordaeron. But seeing the state of certain technical limitations on my side, I contacted Azarchius in hopes that he could help me achieve this. He suggested that he will in fact be able to modify maps to that level with the coming of patch 8.3.0 on Epsilon, using classic maps from Classic WoW (which runs a modified version of 8.2) to assist us in the process. Although this sounds exciting, there is no point in implementing such a massive addition to the game if no one would make use of this besides me. I am now making this thread/poll to hear your opinions on it. I believe there are many of you out there who would like to see this happen. Thank you Rabbit
  5. That means there's a missing texture - might be Kori's fault.
  6. Hi Jeremy. Welcome to Epsilon. While you will find that Epsilon is much more communities-oriented rather than public like you're used to on Wyrmrest Accord (and retail in general), you will find a lot of groups and different guilds to RP with. There are plenty of commands you might want to familiarise yourself with so please do ask in the #main Discord channel if you need any help. It is linked directly to the in-game server-wide chat so everyone will be able to see both in-game and offline.
  7. This is certainly interesting but applying this to a lot of textures would probably take up vital space on the CDN. Certainly could be of use in a patch.
  8. I suggested this, afaik it's not priority but it's being worked on. I think NPC scripting/book forge/NPC gossips are far more important to develop before 8.3 but the community has spoken. Oh well.
  9. • .npc turn same as .gobj turn but for NPCs • .npc rel same as .gobj rel but for NPCs • .npc emote #id locked makes the NPC retain the animation while saying something with .npc say instead of doing the talk emote • .npc face #degrees makes the npc face a certain orientation • .turn #degrees like .gobj turn but for the player (found myself wishing for this command to exist at times) EXTRA: since razmataz seems to have outsmarted the outline mechanic for .gobj sel, i'm wondering if he can break the legion-added feature that makes players and NPCs look at eachother's faces to make NPCs look at certain targets/points ... :) yes this is a challenge, my friend also please add NPC gossip features asap... love yall
  10. Rabbit

    command ideas

    • .gobj copy here copies selected object to current position • .gobj face makes the currently selected object face your character's orientation • .gobj hide makes the current object invisible but does not delete it • .gobj mass activate activates all object in x radius with provided entryid
  11. This should be added to the CDN!
  12. Ground clutter is defined by ADTs so this is definitely possible with terrain shifting, but why not just lower down your ground clutter in your system options?
  13. I confirm this, although the collisionless thing is an absolute marvel for building, perhaps this bug could be actually turned into a feature? @Azarchius