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  1. Rabbit

    HD Barrens patch

    Simply replaces Barrens textures and ground details with new Warsong Gulch ones. suggest you crank your ground detail intensity down a bit in-game. how to install: extract in your Epsilon root folder how to uninstall: delete "tileset\barrens", "tileset\the badlands" and "world\nodxt" folders would like to get around to make an ashenvale version but i have no need for it, should someone really really need it i could attempt that enjoy barrens_hd.7z
  2. Welcome back boy! 🙂
  3. Rabbit

    Enlighten me

    Epsilon has every item possible available already with a modded MogIt. Custom items are not necessary but will be a thing in the future. Gameobject templates work and are shareable, you can turn them, scale them and overall treat them like a singular object. Public RP is not a thing, you will have to whisper people to roleplay most of the time. I would say Epsilon is more focused on building and modding, but there is a strong roleplay community here.
  4. NPCs are just there for cosmetic reasons, also if you struggle to interact with other players your client might still be downloading.
  5. Just make roof textures triangles and most brick ones. Then make circular 45° tiles so that we can combine 4 of them into a circle. Then make conic roof textures so we can make proper towers! Please.
  6. Hey man, welcome. You'll find me lurking #building on the Discord. You should check it out.
  7. I rotate the tiles to a 45 degree angle and spawn another tile below to cover the rest of it, I am not sure it would work in your case however.
  8. Welcome. I hope you will enjoy your stay. You'll find me lurking #building. Not much anywhere else.
  9. I believe everyone should have their spotlight. On Divinity we used to wait until the other phases weren't up to host ours. Having 5 open phases with 25 roleplayers online is not a good idea. Let every phase have their turn.
  10. I mean, you can build your own after all..
  11. Similar to .eventann showing current players in phases, and if it hasn't been advertised in like 5-10 minutes it gets removed automatically. There could also be a button to join the phase when clicked at the end of the advertisement. Right now I feel like event announce is a bit confusing and could rather be used for server-wide events such as celebrations and stuff.
  12. Rabbit


    Welcome back Corven.
  13. Typing .ph overview displays a bunch of random phases most of the time and their description. It would be interesting to see a proper roleplay announce like we had on Div-X.
  14. Hi everyone I think the currrent Event Announce paired with .phase overview is really holding back Epsilon's roleplay side. As of now I understand most people roleplay in their private phase and public roleplay is not a big thing on the server. I think this might be linked to roleplay phases not being advertised properly. Perhaps .phase overview could be reworked to display currently hosted phases only. Perhaps there could be values such as number of players currently in the phase and a chat cooldown for advertisements. I think there being a more "right here, right now" approach to roleplays would be deeply beneficial for the server. Rabbit