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  1. I know they did a HUMANGILNEAS version of the Gilnean buildings months ago (.lookup object humangilneas), but that's only of the buildings. It would be cool if they cleaned up the Gilnean furniture and stuff to a more human-y, garrison-like texture (Like Patch-P on Divinity-X had)
  2. Also can we get the new garrison skins on the older buildings, like the Blacksmith and TwoStory.wmo?
  3. Kinda like how the Gilnean Garrison buildings were done, recolor the garrison buildings/retexture with the Kul Tiras textures from the BFA Kul Tiras buildings and make Garrison-themed buildings out of them. I think it would add a neat new plethora of variety to an already existing and quite awesome amount of buildings.
  4. Title explains all. I'll even link to the objects! 227673 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v1.wmo] [Spawn] 830319 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v3.wmo] [Spawn] 830291 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v0.wmo] [Spawn] 830212 - [6hu_garrison_tradingpost_v2.wmo] [Spawn] 834098 - [6as_alliance_tower.wmo] [Spawn] 846818 - [emptywmo_6hu_garrison_tower_v3.wmo] [Spawn] 833711 - [6hu_garrison_towerpost_v3.wmo] [Spawn] 833713 - [6hu_garrison_towerpost_v2.wmo] [Spawn] 834271 - [6hu_stable_v3.wmo] [Spawn] 834269 - [6hu_stable_v1.wmo] [Spawn] 834270 - [6hu_stable_v2.wmo] [Spawn] 830179 - [6hu_garrison_stable_v3.wmo] [Spawn] 830178 - [6hu_garrison_stable_v2.wmo] [Spawn] 833811 - [6hu_garrison_belltower.wmo] [Spawn] So the request here is, like how you did with the Gilnean recolors.. Simply put the recolored roofs on these objects (or make 'em) and add varieties for Lordaeron, Stromgarde, Kul Tiras, Alterac, brown Gilneas, Dalaran, etc. ...Also can we have a regular roofed version of the MagicTower_v2, Inn_v2, and Townhall_V1? o:
  5. Would add in nice variation to those that may still use the old buildings. Plus, can we have those awesome Dalaran reskins of the human buildings that Tia made a long time ago?
  6. Then it may have to be the case that someone like Maadara or someone else with experience in model editors will have to end up ripping out the buildings by hand again; but rip them out from the Legion or BFA counterparts.
  7. Bumping my own post. Could still be cool to have these awesome objects back into the server from Divnity-X"s patch long ago.
  8. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. Most updated to 7.3.5. If anyone can find me the few missing natives such as Naga male, Naga female, Taunka, Forest Troll, Ice Troll, Northrend Skeleton and Skeleton, I'll give 'ya credit ^^
  10. Hmm looks like it's the full list for 7.3.5, actually.
  11. Kind of the proof here :P. I had guards and commoners set here originally. The custom NPCs that were originally here are now 7.3.5 NPCs. Probably due to the DB overwriting on them.
  12. Is it too early to request this one?
  13. Title is self explanatory. Kind of like the ones in Divinity-X's Patch-P. Also added on with the WoD, Legion and upcomming BFA textures.
  14. what does that even have to do with the topic