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  1. Granted, but it's only wearable by nonplayable Ogres...and won't look very good. I wish the WoW Story was better
  2. Fantastic idea! And I think since Classic WoW is on a more... modern file system/core, it'd be a pretty simple thing to do.
  3. Title says it all. Is it possible for a phase-type of command for let's say moderating a phase, where you can see who casted spells or certain spells in a phase? In case theres let's say someone who casts something theyshouldn't have (that can lead to proper phase banning and potential banning of said spell)?
  4. Some will accept public people. Some phases do. Others that may host as a 'public phase' and is a guild phase may end up having more... guildies than others however. It's not a bad thing, but let's say I enter a public phase expecting RP. Instead I enter to a barren phase.. only for let's say all of the guildies to be congregating elsewhere in said phase. That's where my argument had been as well. And why I was discussing the whole 'exclusive RP' bit. Iunno maybe I'm just a crazy man, haha.
  5. World safe locs (for worldporting to. Includes map ID and the X Y Z coords) added http://davidtwodomain.blogspot.com/p/world-safe-locs-825.html Only up to 8.2.5 atm as that's all the DB2 had. Actively searching for another one to complete 8.3
  6. Music list updated. Emote list updated Map ID list updated(been updated) Title ID List updated Native list will be fixed w/Vulpera and Mechagnomes soontm
  7. Could be a cool option. I too support.
  8. Yeah that one I've seen happen too. Heck whenever I host/hosted, I was trying to remain at the gate of the town I host, RP with whoever enters and just kinda stay there telling stories IC or w/e or go to the tavern. But I've been pulled away so many times too that it turned into what I'm trying to solve here. I'm def guilty of it and again I feel bad over it all haha.
  9. Being amongst these servers, I do agree that public phases are a bit of a gamble. Because you don't know who you might get.. if they'll be toxic, good at RP, etc. I made this thread mostly with the intention of trying to stir conversation. To see if we as a community can fix the ways that we've had for.. probably a long time. And I figured I probably wasn't the only one guilty of it. 'Tis why I had started this thread. :P To start a conversation. To see if we can fix a problem and get people RPing again. And.. back to the gamble thing. That's a risk public phases usually have to take. But people want RP. And that's usually one way to attract RP. But when cliques/guilds go off to do RP while let's say still hosting the phase (which again, all hands on deck. I'm guilty of as well), then where's the roleplay for everyone that ends up joining the phase? If they see people RPing elsewhere in the phase, they may get slapped for trying to join it. So.. they just leave. Go to start, and complain about a lack of roleplay.
  10. Correct. Or more, guild/guilds that may end up hosting said phase and later on the phase just dies from a lack of RP but the guildies themselves still end up RPing exclusively or w/e.
  11. I've been involved with these types of communities for 10+ years now, and I've noticed some things. Especially when it comes to phases that host publically. Heck, I'm guilty of this too, as my own guild and phase at the time turned into clique-based RP with only one group RPing and no one else involved. Knowing what I did to others made me sick in the end when I've heard about it. And I really just right this because I care. I don't want this to happen to other guilds and phases. What I write about is this: RP that turns into exclusivity and involves only a certain group of people that no one else has the option of joining... while a public roleplaying phase is hosting. Why am I writing this thread today, you might ask? Slightly out of irritation, but mostly because I don't want what killed my guild(s)/phase(s) happening to anyone elses guild/phase. That, and RP for public areas should never turn into exclusivity. If you're hosting a public phase.. and yes as I said, I myself am guilty of this too, make the story at least open to people joining. Or at least let people observe if it's something you do not wish people to intrude upon. Or discuss upon it IC in the phase/RP wherever to keep people informed and/or keep people entertained. Roleplays that turn into exclusivity can kill a guild and a phase. I've both felt it happen and seen it happen upon my many years on Divinity/RPH/Epsi and I dislike every time it happens. We're a small server. I get that private RP will end up happening regardless. But together, I feel like we can make a difference and keep both people entertained and wanting roleplay in phases.. and also keep our lovely safe haven of a role playing server active :) **Note to mods. Didn't know where to post this. Apologies if this is in the wrong spot! :)**
  12. Oh alright. I mean it's still a cool patch regardless and I'll probably download it.
  13. *slowly comes out of hiding, but remembering that you can't do music patches with their own IDs instead of replacing the tracks themselves, so he goes back into hiding and back to the Divinity-X times of old*
  14. It SHOULD have only replaced the Vanilla stuff, tbh.