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  1. It's not a bad idea. We had this really early on with Echeloned-WoW and then Divinity (the servers that predate Epsilon). It was removed on Divinity because people would only go to the most populated phase..and therefore any other phase that was active/being hosted weren't getting anyone else within them. And then the same situation kinda happens. This time you'd have a majorly populated phase..and any other phase won't have an entirely large amount of players.
  2. Truly I'm shocked a post like this hasn't been made before. And I don't think a moderator would delete this post. This is a good conversation to have with both the devs and the player base. A majority of those who aren't Patrons tend to be left in the dark and haven't really... heard much in a hot minute. And yeah, seeing the last 'major update' be December of 2022 is a bit disheartening. I think that was because at certain points, they have to stop adding to the CDN for BFA so not much else has to be ported up to the Shadowlands CDN. Although the question would've been then: Where's Shadowlands? I can't answer that. I don't even know that answer. Believe me I'm frustrated over that too, as many people are. As per the in-character bits.. having an actual in-character starting zone when people first join Epsilon is a good idea. Could even use a simple area like the Hearthstone tavern to set that up. But enforce it to solely be an area for new players (maybe even new characters) to get established. Maybe have a few guides for new roleplayers too (perhaps in a seperate area) and explain to them RP basics, god modding, etc. Like that's a good idea. ...actually come to think of it, I think that was the original purpose of the Dranosh Valley. To be an IC area. Since it's built w/a lil town in mind, but that turned out to be the OOC area/Epsi guide area. Per the idea of being able to see how many players are in a phase... let me tell you a lil' story. On the precursor server, Divinity(and even Echeloned), we were able to view how many players were in a phase with a .ph pop command (I know the one on Epsi is different). They stopped showing the amount of players in a phase though to deter people away from just going to the most popular phase, which made other phases have very little to no other players joining it. Hence why I don't see that happening here on Epsilon All in all though, good post. Hopefully the dev team & administration read it and take it to heart. We're simply passionate Epsilon players that wish to see the server succeed and not faulter.
  3. Forsaken -themed- Garrison buildings could be interesting too.
  4. Suramar City buildings recolored using a Dalaran color/tile set.
  5. Retextured Nagrand Rocks also come to mind. We have the Epsilon Rock Arches. Why not also retexture the Nagrand rocks (ID 833937 for example) to other grass or rock textures?
  6. So we’ve gotten some awesome new objects from the recent patch. And that has given me a bit of an inspiration to suggest some other cool things relating to them. 1.) Dalaran –THEMED- Garrison buildings. And what I mean by that is.. stone, wood and all. ‘T’ did something similar to this back in Divinity-X that unfortunately didn’t see the public light of day. I think with the new Dalaran stuff we have now, adding on more buildings in that style would be awesome. (And yes, including variations to the new Shadowlands farm/barn/twostory/inn). 2.) Garrison-roof versions of the Arathi Basin BG buildings added in BFA. And then maybe using that cool red roof texture that was added for said buildings for another set of Garrison buildings. 3.) Hi-resifying some more Vanilla buildings. Actually something I suggested in the past. Like the blacksmith, lumbermill, northshire abbey,barracks, mage tower, etc. A lot of the old assets are pretty dated to what we have now, and I know these buildings are still..pretty cool, but just don’t mesh well with the garrison stuff. Quizley’s new chapel comes to mind for inspiration to Hi-resifying/remaking old buildings. 4.) The obvious..recolors. The chapel in a Gilnean theme, and with the corresponding roof colors seen in previous garrison recolors. Also Forsaken buildings. The Northrend variation. Those buildings could be cool if you swap those textures to a more human theme. Or garrison buildings to the Forsaken theme. 5.) Stormwind buildings. HD. I think a member of the community was actually doing this. Could see if he’s willing to give you all the files :O 6.) More furniture recolors. Specifically that awesome couch and chair. Blue was great. Purple was awesome. Would be nice to see even more! Maybe even a reinvisioning of the Kultiras bed(s) in different styles/colors? I apologize if I’ve been a nag with a lot of these. I do know it’d be awesome to have a lot of these added in future releases.
  7. I noticed a few have lighting bugs too like the Dalaran bank. Darker than it should be
  8. We got Alliance recolors......so now why not go further and darken them up (even if a tad bit more) to fit the more Gothic/Gilnean aesthetic. :)
  9. 847054 - 6hu_garrison_townhall_v2_stromgarde.wmo shows a "blue" texture in place of a red one 879605 - EPS_gilneas_garrison_farm_v1 ^ 879697 - EPS_gilneas_garrison_farm_v2 has cubes where the windows are (and the version 2 has cubes in the chimney area) Same with the other Farm_v1/farm_v2 recolors EX: 847042 - 6hu_garrison_inn_v3_stromgarde does not have a red roof and instead shares the same green roof as the 6hu_garrison_inn_v3_kultiras version of the object
  10. As the title says. eps_gilnean, some buildings when you're far away from them, appear as their main garrison counterparts. For example: i'm far away in the air in this picture, and in the background there's one of the gilnean recolors of the Gilnean shop, object name [eps_emptywmo_gilneas_garrison_tradingpost_v2 - ID 879743] but close by and the object returns to normal/appears as intended (the gilnean recolor) Same with the docks. [eps_emptywmo_gilneas_garrison_dock - ID 879661] Far away: normal when closer mage tower: closer to it, normal: I don't think all of the objects are affected persay, but these are the ones I've at least noticed.
  11. Native list finally updated with the proper Vulpera/Mechagnome natives, as well as a thin kultiran human. All that maintain armor ;)
  12. Granted, but it's only wearable by nonplayable Ogres...and won't look very good. I wish the WoW Story was better