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low-res lion statue

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this lion statue gob (lionstatue.m2) was apparently updated and is hi-res now. would someone be able to replace it with the old vanilla model??? this looks really out of place next to my Pristine Vanilla Gobjects


thank you for my time. i would greatly appreciate this objective downgrade



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I'm sure someone can add the object back, but I think there should be an alternative still with the old model, just not the same version as the one with the pedestal

814445 - [stormwind_gravestone_lion_01.m2] [Spawn]  - [Spawn]

That's the only one w/the old model I can find.


Although I'm sure it isn't hard to port up the old model from Cata or something, but I don't think the entry ID should be replaced with the old model. I prefer the new model myself imo

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