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Talk Spells forcing NPCs to face north

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Type of Bug: Spell/Cast System

Description: NPCs using these spells with the cast system, regardless of area or creature argument, have their spawn updated to face north.

Evidence: I can't show you, you have to try it yourself.

Steps to Reproduce: Spawn any NPC, set them up to cast a Talk spell with .npc cast on a loop, go to or update the spawn position of the NPC and you or it will be facing north.

Expected Result: NPCs shouldn't be forced to face north with Talk spells.

Observed Result: They do.

Reproduction Rate: 100%

Additional Information: The spells I've tried in question are: 6273 - [Force Target - Talk], 33227 - [Gossip NPC Periodic Trigger - Talk], 46990 - [Cosmetic - Talk - Test]. EDIT: So apparently the cosmetic combat spells also force NPCs to face north.

nevermind, its just really stupid and complicated to set up and use these spells. i hate it.

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If you could clarify in what way(s) it is stupid and complicated to set up said spells, that could possibly help us figure out a way that is less stupid and complicated. I cannot guarantee anything but, let us know what you consider to be an issue and we could have a look.

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