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  1. @RedEnvy everyone sees what you're morphed into. So yes, others see your new, fabulous (or not) hair.
  2. @Litzzik here's a clearer list: 1... - (Two-Hand) 2... - (Polearm/Staff) 3... - (One-Hand) 4... - (Bow/Shield) 5... - (Fist Weapon) 6... - (Crossbow) 7... - (Two-Hand - Ranged) 8... - (Polearm/Staff - Ranged) 9... - (One-Hand - Ranged) 10... - (Bow/Shield - Ranged) 11... - (Crossbow - Ranged) 12... - (Fist Weapon - Ranged) 13... - (Fist Weapon) But yes, @PIASM I'll suggest having those "tags" added to item names, cannot promise it'll be done but I'll have Az look into it.
  3. Can you confirm whether or not both of these are still issues on your end?
  4. If you could clarify in what way(s) it is stupid and complicated to set up said spells, that could possibly help us figure out a way that is less stupid and complicated. I cannot guarantee anything but, let us know what you consider to be an issue and we could have a look.
  5. If I understand this right, you'd want something along the lines of: .npc set phaseaura #spellid [#interval] Example then being: .npc set phaseaura 120650 60 Applies spell 120650 every 60 seconds. Would it apply it to itself only? All NPCs of that entryid, or all players? Or? Would be nice with some more specifics of whom you want it to affect just to be entirely sure what it is that you're after. Or, do you want something like this: .npc set phaseaura #spellid [$self, $players, #entryid, ...] [#interval]
  6. Why though? To get the guid of an object you need to select the object in the first place. And when you spawn it, it is selected by default so by all means, selecting is one step faster no matter how you look at it, and one less thing to write out in the command. Unless there's something I'm missing?
  7. Fixed in 735.4.
  8. Thank you for the report. Task added.
  9. Yea but Mok'nathal have always been the middle ground between orc and ogre, hence they shouldn't be taller than most ogres. And all those NPCs are from TBC-era, aka they were scaled up for the cool factor, not lore factor. Rexxar in BfA is much shorter than the TBC Mok'nathal, shorter than a tauren even, so if anything he's the most accurate and up to date.
  10. Considering that 1.6 for a male orc is ~11 feet and the lore height for male ogres varying between 6 and 12 feet, I wouldn't say that's very accurate to lore. :')
  11. Thank you for the suggestion. However, it is already in the works.
  12. I've began updating the post, it sorely needed it in every possible way. Will add a slightly faster, alternative way of doing the calculations using inches instead of centimeters, thanks to @Nilith for pointing out it was missing.
  13. We've spoken internally about .gob select in the past and it's not something we'll get rid of, in fact we're glad we have it. However I am curious as to why you propose this suggestion, what issues do you see with people being able to select objects in your phase? It's a good way of finding out what a certain object is, especially in our tile mall. It's not like they're able to edit or modify the object in any way unless they're phase officers. (yes I am aware you're suggesting a phase toggle feature, but I'm still curious as to why)
  14. Suggestion has been added to the phabricator.