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  1. In my experience, leaving the phase / server restarts makes the phase reset to realm time if I've set a permanent phase time.
  2. Thank you for the report. It has been added to the bug list and will be looked into. Apologies for the late response.
  3. Thank you for the bug report. Apologies for the slow response but it has now been added to the list of bugs and we'll have a look at it.
  4. I suggest using the warden_cavelight objects. There are a whole lot of various colours to pick and choose from. The trick is: Spawn one. .gob activate (to check the radius of the lighting) Scale it to the size you want it. With it selected, type: .gob set state 0 3 ??? Profit. Custom lighting objects might make it someday though, it has been discussed.
  5. This is a known issue, if the spawn point of an .M2 object goes below terrain, it will lose its collision. This is not the case for .WMOs as they act very similarly to terrain. They can also work as substitute for terrain underneath the terrain. Aka, placing .M2 objects inside a house .WMO underneath the terrain will leave .M2 collision intact. Regarding how to fix this issue, I have no idea. @Azarchius would be the one to know about that.
  6. Yeah, delete it. Politics dun belong on a WoW private server smh This ain't World of Politics.
  7. Get out of here Matt
  8. But, we do have .ph tele <name/add/del> <phaseID>(optional) which is the exact same thing. :I
  9. mall

    I tried it and no, it does not take you to the phase.
  10. mall

    World port or tele, doesn't matter. If you make some kind of mall for the public to use, especially one for tiles as in this case, best is to have a spawn right at the mall.
  11. mall

    Great to have, but please, put the spawn at the tile mall rather than elsewhere if you're going to make something like this public to everyone, rather than complicate it with world ports.
  12. Using fonts is a bannable offense. . .. o k? (Okay not really, but welcome to the forums.)
  13. @MindScape Aha, gotcha. Da's gud.
  14. Personally I think it'd be best to have both be usable as they both come in handy depending on the situation. When spawning tiles, .gps <value> <direction> is better as tiles have a set value and you need to often change the direction When spawning other stuff, .gps <direction> <value> is better as most of the time you use random values for this and simply use the player orientation for the direction, e.g environments, clutter, etc Other than that, is gud
  15. Welcome to the server. c: