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  1. I have no idea if this was already suggested once, I couldn't find a topic. I recently decided to clean up a "dump" area of mine in one of my phases which contained a mass amount of objects and NPCs. I thought "hey, it's kind of laggy here, so i'll clean up the objects" only to find out (rather unsurprisingly) its the NPCs bogging me down. So a thought came to my mind: why don't we have a visrange command for NPCs like we do for objects? I've literally seen this in action all the way back in Wrath. So I'm proposing the two commands: .npc set visrange # and .ph forge npc visrange #. This would allow us to set smaller NPCs like critters or what have you to take up less resources in a phase. On the flip side you could set colossal giants to be visible from just about anywhere, like objects.
  2. Updated with a race table to replace the old list because I thought it was sore on the eyes. Added a few missing commands to the list and modified URL links. to very lately answer some of the previous questions here: no, I haven't made a building guide, though one does exist. the stage question confounds me and sounds like an object issue. .refresh might've been what you're looking for? and as for a list of auras, it's just any spell in the game. there are far too many for any one person to list somewhere on this forum, though people have made lists before.
  3. Don't know if you ever found an answer to that question but it's .phase forge npc outfit feature 2 #, # being whichever tendril style you want. The first number is the target of which feature you wish to change, 2 being the tendrils, 1 being horns and 0 seems to be elbows.
  4. Type of Bug: Spell/Cast System Description: NPCs using these spells with the cast system, regardless of area or creature argument, have their spawn updated to face north. Evidence: I can't show you, you have to try it yourself. Steps to Reproduce: Spawn any NPC, set them up to cast a Talk spell with .npc cast on a loop, go to or update the spawn position of the NPC and you or it will be facing north. Expected Result: NPCs shouldn't be forced to face north with Talk spells. Observed Result: They do. Reproduction Rate: 100% Additional Information: The spells I've tried in question are: 6273 - [Force Target - Talk], 33227 - [Gossip NPC Periodic Trigger - Talk], 46990 - [Cosmetic - Talk - Test]. EDIT: So apparently the cosmetic combat spells also force NPCs to face north. nevermind, its just really stupid and complicated to set up and use these spells. i hate it.
  5. Bumping because this is a super useful addon, also I'm forgetting if there was a control function to aura instead of cast spells?
  6. Old Azerotttthhhhhh. im getting this immediately, i love you. EDIT: It has occurred to me that I have no idea how to reach these maps.
  7. No, this is absolutely a bug. I just recently wanted to look up rats and not a single result was a normal rat of the fifty displayed. .lo next gives me the same error and I KNOW there's more IDs to be shown. I had this same issue with ghouls, abominations, you name it, it's broken. I have not noticed .lo next being broken with anything else BUT creatures.
  8. This is my project: Mortemholme, the Plagued City. It served its purpose well in the metaphorical past, when the Forbidden ran strong. We are dead now and I don't see us coming back. I do want to however complete this project, maybe even host it one day, I dunno. Hostings gonna require a staff team I don't have. You are free to enter phase 1686 and explore it at your leisure, just note that it's still highly unfinished. I have a lot to do. .ph en 1686 .ph tele Mortemholme2 Brief history: Mortemholme was the first city Nimorrax ever successfully assaulted and took over. Since then, it has been the Capital of the Forbidden and resting place of the mighty Voltanaras, the first and only necropolis the Forbidden ever wrested from the unstoppable Undead Scourge. Mortemholme was ultimately destroyed by powerful forces beyond their wildest comprehensions. Though Mortemholme was lost, the Forbidden was not. This would mark their first major loss and begin their campaign against the rest of the world. In order to exist in this world, they must slaughter for it, for nobody would understand nor accept them for who or what they are. They were Forbidden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70RgEF357Vw https://imgur.com/a/Cv6akx4 - Link to gallery
  9. Basically just .phase forge npc outfit skin, face, hair, haircolor and facialhair to have a random option. Would make creating randomly-named NPCs easier. Because I'm a freak who's going to populate places like that.
  10. Ding ol' darn. I was hoping it did something else, but that's interesting.
  11. https://puu.sh/DtGWT/cf1d48b758.jpg what is this button?
  12. We've already had one major NPC catastrophe on this server because of a server update. I'd prefer none of us have to suffer through another by having newly made NPC entry IDs be somewhere in the millions. We're dangerously close to the IDs Blizzard will be using if we continue to update the server ever at all. I and many other lost what felt like over half of their work because of this. (It wasn't really over half, but I think you get my point.) I do not mind having to re-create ALL of my NPCs if it means that they'll be safe from Blizzard in the future. PLEASE.
  13. Type of Bug: Broken command Description: The NPC phase forge face command is not returning as valid. Evidence: https://puu.sh/DsN5K/745219ec6b.jpg Steps to Reproduce: Create custom NPC, set race to undead, set gender to male, set skin, try to set face with ".ph forge npc out face X" Expected Result: NPC face to change, command to return as "Creature Template [Blahblah] has had their outfit face changed to X" Observed Result: Command returns as "Invalid skin.", nothing happens, no update. Reproduction Rate: 100% Additional Information: Only found this out because I want to re-create literally every NPC I've ever made with much higher entry IDs to avoid NPC catastrophe like last time, where half of my NPCs were replaced by Blizzard or just gone in general. Entry IDs still seem to be in a dangerous 100k area, rather than in the mils like I thought I had read somewhere in the past. Perhaps I read that somewhere else? I don't know. Fixed now I guess. I don't know what the hell the problem is or was.
  14. I dunno if it's in testing or not, but the changelog shows this fancy new visibility permanent command. When I tried it out, all it told me was there's no such available subcommand. Has since been fixed, nobody cared to tell me or get rid of this topic.