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Phase Forge NPC Lockout

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• Type of Bug: Commands

Description: '.Phase forge npc display #', instead of changing a custom NPC's display ID, will instead use the default checkered box model and will be unchangeable from that point forward. You are then unable to spawn the NPC again, instead being given a generic syntax prompt.

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): 



• Expected result: NPC display ID should be changeable. NPC should always be spawnable by entry ID.

• Observed result: NPC display ID is not changable. NPC is not spawnable by entry ID

• Reproduction rate: [5/5]

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I noticed this before, it's seems the command takes the last displayid everytime you use it (even if you put none, which is why you recieve the box one)

 I put four displayid to show what i'm saying: Notice how the forged npc takes the 88534 even when you spawn new ones.

 To point out: this seems to "fix" itself when server restarts (like the names/subnames too)


- What am i suppose to do now?

- What a King must do.

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Same thing here.

Except, after restart, it didn't "fix" itself. Instead the NPCs turned invisible and untargetable. Also they are still unspawnable.

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