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BFA 3D Armour Not Displaying Correctly On Gnomes

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• Type of Bug: Armour Model Bug

• Description: 3D armours from BFA not correctly displaying on gnomes, most notably chest pieces with collars & gloves.

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):



• Steps to reproduce: [Raiment of the Blighted Tribe] ID: 159335, was spawned in through mogit.

• Expected result: The collar fitting correctly.
• Observed result: The collar floating above shoulders.

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Hey there,


We are aware of this issue as it was something we encountered when we downported the 8.2 versions of character models. Unfortunately races like Gnomes and Tauren were resized by Blizzard, so when it came to porting BfA items, it was a decision to either have gnomes be able to equip <= 7.3.5 collections correctly, or have gnomes only able to wear collections from BfA.


We do want to fix this, but at this stage it's looking as though we'll just shelf this issue so we can focus more on actually upgrading to 8.3.0


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