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  1. We'll reassess this when we have a proper, public identifier name system in place. Account names is not safe.
  2. yes, the big trouble is that spaces are a delimiter, yet some things use spaces. even player names, for instance... i didn't want people to suffer from yucky .lookup blueprint lists where everything has to be CamelCase to be tolerable. spaces are much nicer aesthetically.
  3. Dude. What a coincidence. I saw this on the subreddit and thought "Yeah I know most of these, shame we can't get them..." and here you are. You're amazing.
  4. i don't understand, it literally says at the top line that when using spaces in the blueprint name you need to use the id or chatlink.
  5. we attempted to make this work as .conversation commands but it was too bug-prone, there's a lot of behaviour on blizzards side that make it behave irreguarly and we can't control that. best to be turned into an addon, but need someone to get a proof of concept of it and then tell me what messages to send to the client to trigger the chatboxes ^^
  6. this is more accurately a feature request... honestly you might be better off shifting the entire map onto EK / Kalimdor. we don't have proper map data generated for EK/Kalimdor so the server doesn't really see them.