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  1. i bet. will get to it eventually.
  2. yep, thanks, confirmed. i @'d Azarchius in another thread on this.
  3. People are filtering System Messages out so they won't see server restart timer. can move it to one of the fancy other chat message types I discovered with .command channel
  4. Razmataz

    Class Mount Bugs

    This gets into some fundamental logic about the spells assessing a player condition, and passing in a modifiertree that is pulled from the character specialisation or something. No way we can do this in a nice way. Use .mod mount.
  5. as far as i'm aware, this works. doesn't accept underscores but takes spaces just fine.
  6. will completely migrate phase time to this concept tbh. if people want it stuck at a time they can still use the permanent flag.
  7. haha, great. not much can be done at this point, something we'll have to revisit come shadowlands.
  8. @Azarchius can confirm this. .wordlport -1324 -3050 120 1 .phase shift water adt off
  9. please let us know if this is still broken and i'll check up with azarchius on it.
  10. thanks for this. should be fixed soon. (adafe93) Fix gob replace and gob mass replace causing group desync
  11. at this point, if .phase set skybox gives you trouble, try being more explicit with .phase set skybox ID <oldid><newid> or use spells.
  12. we don't do doodadless adts if they're already doodadless... 😞
  13. think i fixed this, it was to do with primary keys in the database preventing the new row from being added.
  14. turns .gob mass vis commands from cylindrical into spherical. GridNotifiers.h if ((!m_uiEntry || go->GetEntry() == m_uiEntry) && m_pObject->IsWithinDist(go, m_fRange, false))
  15. corresponding spell for skyboxes alongside .lookup skybox since that is often times an easier method.