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  1. Marked as resolved. Player can make a new topic if they encounter issues again.
  2. Cheers, will add this to the list of models to fix.
  3. You should only be required to type in 'delete' in the window that appears when trying to delete a character.
  4. Welcome to Epsilon 🙂 If you have any questions or need some assistance, please feel free to get in contact with a member of staff.
  5. As razmataz has said above, gps face exists, as does .gps turn # We can probably add the following to the task wishlist to be worked on: • .npc turn • .npc rel • .npc face Will move to pending.
  6. Gardener

    command ideas

    Moved to pending, phab tasks for the following commands have been made: • gobj copy here • gobj face • gobj hide gobject mass activate could be gobj group activate instead.
  7. I've not found anything in the core yet that forces this, but i've been looking into Blizzard's Talking Heads addon to see how it works, so it may have to be done via an add-on.
  8. Gardener


    28/02/2020 Updated GLink with collective bug fixes and improvements since 735.5
  9. Capes are all in Epsilon Cosmetic module. If they're missing, it means your mogit is outdated and will need updating. Most recent mogit is always available from the download link in the original post.
  10. Gardener

    command ideas

    These are some nice ideas.
  11. MogIt has been updated.