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The Great Epsilon Egg Hunt

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Twilight's End is here! Spring is here! Events are here!

You can expect new contests, games and competitions in the coming year. This week, however, we are giving you the chance to be the first to ever win the title of Epsilon Treasure Hunter! Fame, glory and bragging rights can be yours! All you have to do is find our 20 hidden eggs! If no one finds them all, the one with the most finds will win!

What? The Great Epsilon Egg Hunt, an individual OOC treasure hunt 

Where? Main phase(169), in Zandalar, Kul Tiras, and Nazjatar.

How many? 20 eggs in total, with 18 easier to find and 2 harder to find "Golden" eggs! Nazjatar has
2 eggs, Zandalar has 3 per zone with total of 9, Kul Tiras has 3 per zone with total of 9.

How? By sending coordinates of where you found the eggs to Aigar on Discord. To look up coordinates, type ".gps". There is a copy button there to get the coordinates. Be sure to also mention which continent you were on  for these coordinates(Zandalar/Kul Tiras/Nazjatar). Do NOT edit your messages or they won't count, because then it's impossible to make sure you didn't alter your message after the deadline.

Duration: 4th April - 11th April 2021 23:59 CET


Congratulations, Pironesia, for being the first to find all the eggs.

Q: Why can't I use ".gob sel" in the main phase?
A: Hah! Nice try! It has been disabled to make the hunt more fun!

Q: What are the golden ones for?
A: The golden eggs are worth more in case of a tie, and are harder to find.

Q: What am I looking for exactly?



This is where the eggs were hidden:

- Nazjatar
528.3  270.7 -8.8
2493.8  -494.8  -376.3


image001.jpg.2cef865fc6b33dd29a5cf9a6d5535011.jpg     image002.jpg.78894253d4e4b212faf4d6baae7d0b89.jpg

- Zandalar
1868.3 3694.8 26.6
2689.5 2180.5 91.8
1626.1 981.3 -44.5
2662.0 1367.9 10.9
3298.5 -401.9 -14.4
646.5 -1081.2 14.2
-1139.2 805.6 501.8

161.1 3776.6 2.4
-428.1 1509.9 381.1

image003.jpg.0a100bd985518c201a1eaec4ccef8c11.jpg     image004.jpg.da8bdfdfa57ff899c90a62acf5a7fac8.jpg     image005.jpg.ce9faf0d127c3ac67aa5902160596cf7.jpg     image006.jpg.c961b556e16e120751172ef969fcbdb3.jpg     image007.jpg.6f6c0fbd7f21d795c3e27bf55f330515.jpg     image008.jpg.d9ba2041676a034b0c01aaa6de019c8a.jpg     image009.jpg.e1d79f98812c10bad4b87c8ca4acee02.jpg     image013.jpg.a43ee68aaeda388cc7cc30372ff09bdf.jpg     image014.jpg.1b4c8a6f0355b9debb77fe93d836f79b.jpg     

- Kul Tiras
2530.0 1001.3 248.8
2591.3 -583.41 24.5
1908.1 425.2 339
-53.1 2119.8 55.07
692 3911.9 118.3
-1331.8 3856 29.1
519.8 26.1 58.7
-1575.1 643.2 89.5
819.8 997.7 95.6

-412.4 4174.6 -6.6

image010.jpg.b28811c65352b92a4e15c14f6dbae707.jpg     image011.jpg.7d13ef9b5903dc7de09f7bba76679ba0.jpg     image012.jpg.6fac5a58417ce14ddab13388774a25e2.jpg     image017.jpg.f2a2e8c2d47490fac0458f56e2585303.jpg     image016.jpg.73af2af61fde83881f6308ba2a020951.jpg     image015.jpg.0d3fba9dc0a2784b33e2f5c0e3b4f7d9.jpg     image018.jpg.03fbb02c3e9ad5b879f7526e10673b16.jpg     image019.jpg.060ab69dc118c5c3e7fd87092c3e85e9.jpg     image020.jpg.a28fe88321bc28ede9ee65b5c4d09b22.jpg     image021.jpg.1afefe567c41f0ad680c011bb80bfedf.jpg 



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