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Aura'd NPC displayIDs losing their auras when mounted by NPCs with auras

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Attempting to make ghost NPCs on ghost mounts. Some displayIDs come preloaded with ghost cosmetic auras. When one of these displayIDs is used as a mount for another NPC with a color-altering aura applied, the mount either partially or completely loses its own color aura. Some spells do affect both the rider and the mount, but rarely the intended way.

2001314190_mountcoloraura2.thumb.PNG.05851ce7596dc05f5882a0534db0b940.PNG209586810_mountcoloraura1.thumb.PNG.64b305255b17fb4cac17c89d5c87802c.PNGHave tried this with multiple color auras and combinations of them and so far nothing has worked. As mentioned, some spells do affect the mount as well, but the most I've managed is:

- a transparent spell giving the mount some transparency, but not adding any color or effects

- Shadowform (and anything using the same effect) generally gives the mount color and effects, but this is the only one so far and I'm guessing it's only because Blizzard specifically made it so. But it does prove it's at least possible.

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